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Guideline ULS Multi Tip

Guideline ULS Multi Tip

Guideline ULS Multi Tip
Guideline ULS Multi Tip

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#4/5 12g
#5/6 14g
#6/7 16g
#7/8 18g

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The Ultra Light Scandi ULS Multi Tip is a very versatile shooting head with a floating body and exchangable tips in different densities.

The ULS Multi Tip shooting heads have a floating body and are available in three different weights. They come with smooth, slim and strong welded loops. These shooting heads are made for single hand rods in line weights 4-8. If you are unsure which body weight to choose we recommend a lower line weight rod for single hand Spey casting and a higher line weight rod for various types of casts. I.e. a #4/5 shooting head fits perfect on a #4 rod, if you are mainly Spey casting, and on a #5 rod for various types of casting.

The Multi Tip packs comes with three different tips in a handy mesh wallet. Float, S2/S3 and S6/S7. There are two more tips available: H/I and S4/S5. In total 5 tips which all can be bought separately. Despite their lightness the shooting heads have a powerful taper and they can easily turn over large flies. For maximum casting distance we recommend a mono shooting line, e.g. Compline II. If optimal line control is more important for you we recommend a coated shooting line, like our TSL- Tapered Shooting Line.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 200 x 40 mm.

0.1 kg(The product may have a light retail packaging.)

Michael S. verified buyer, 2.1.2023
Overall rating
Great rod - nice casting, easy handling and light in hand! Works great with short heads and short belly lines. Fun to cast and fish!
Anonymous verified buyer, 15.10.2021
Overall rating
nice multi-tip shooting lines, short shooting lines but still efficient. Very convenient to quickly change tip densities
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