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Haix Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 V GTX Mid

Haix Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 V GTX Mid

Haix Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 V GTX Mid

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Haix Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 V GTX Mid Coyote
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Product description
The Black Eagle Athletic 2.0V GTX Mid is a part of the HAIX sporting line. The combination of full-grain leather and textile gives the shoe a sporty and timeless look. It is certified as DIN EN 20347 for professional use and offers the very best of protection during military service. Due to its rigorous standards, it may also be worn as high-grade leisure footwear.

The ankle-high shoes guarantee you a secure support. This is thanks to the grip provided by the deep-tread outer sole. It is made out of a robust, special rubber compound. The sole's damping factor has the human musculo-skeletal system in mind. The result: You save on energy and it relieves your joints and invertebral discs. The ankle is cushioned and offers pleasurable flexibility in your movements. So you cover long and uneven distances with ease and comfort. Therefore your weather-proof activity shoes are also ideal for leisure pursuits - a bit like light Hiking Boots.

In the professional arena, you have to give your best, even in wind and bad weather. Wearing your water-proof Black Eagle Athletic 2.0V GTX Mid means that no moisture gets into the shoe. That is because of the triple-ply Gore-Tex® Membrane in the inner lining. It is still breathable and guarantees the very best climate comfort: Warm air is reliably drawn away with evey step.

Thanks to the comfortable insole, sweat is not an issue: It absorbs any fluid and directs the moisture downwards. The removable insole is antibacterial and prevents unpleasant smells. A separate Heel Cup stabilises your feet and prevents misalignments. What is more, the shoes are non-metallic and anti-static.

  • The shoes combine Suede Leather with Textile. The mix of materials makes them light and air-permeable.
  • The ankle-high shoe is non-metallic and anti-static
  • A separate lacing pocket stops the shoelaces from getting tangled on the ground
  • A rubber cap above the toe area prevents rapid wear and tear
Inner lining, insoles and Heel Cup
  • Triple-ply Gore-Tex® makes the ankle-high shoes weather-tight and breathable. Your feet are protected from the wet - moisture evaporates upwards
  • The abrasion-proof lining takes care of the very best climatic comfort, even in warmer temperatures
  • The integrated, removable insole is antibacterial and absobrs sweat brilliantly - this prevents nasty odours
  • The mid sole cushions out your weight - for the best cushioning possible, so you move gently on your joints
  • A separate Heel Cup supports and stabilises your feet in the shoe. This takes the strain off your musculo-skeletal system when stading and walking

  • The shoe sole is manufactured from a durable rubber composite
  • The non-slip outer sole provides a deep tread for stability on all types of terrain
  • It keeps dangerous fluids off your feet, like oil and petrol. Furthermore, it keeps you reliably isolated from heat and cold
  • The sole leaves no tracks. So you do not leave any dark marks, even on light-coloured flooring.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 350 x 280 x 120 mm.

Men, women

Gore-Tex / corresponding

1,7 kg(Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

12 month(s)

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Anonymous verified buyer, 10.3.2023
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Fits your foot well. The shoe is light and agile. The drawstring bag is a big plus.
Ole E. verified buyer, 27.12.2022
Overall rating
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A very good shoe for flying personnel
Jan T. verified buyer, 3.12.2022
Overall rating
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Hello Haix. Two weeks of suffering on the leg, but then they are shaping up really well!
Janne O. verified buyer, 13.10.2022
Overall rating
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Lesti was really narrow and the interest rate is very high. Didn't fit my foot at all. Stylish looking. Otherwise, I can't criticize the features.
Anonymous verified buyer, 1.10.2022
Overall rating
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Fits well on the foot, supportive instep, sturdy whole, high price
Anonymous verified buyer, 17.8.2022
Overall rating
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A high-quality and light shoe, but with a slightly unusual design. The heel cup is quite deep and the shoe is quite narrow at the toe. It is worth arranging before purchasing
Anonymous verified buyer, 12.8.2022
Have been wearing this and re order them.
Anonymous verified buyer, 23.6.2022
Overall rating
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Very good shoes for challenging conditions!
Daniel S. verified buyer, 10.6.2022
Overall rating
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Good shoes, able to run with them (i.e. not like real running shoes but ..). I’ve always worn higher shoes, these are just and just too low for the pants to slip off and the snow / branches to get in. Maybe I'll be back to the high model next time ...
Anonymous verified buyer, 3.3.2022
Overall rating
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Damn good country. The sneaky sole of the shoes gives a good feel to the ground and the grip is also good unlike most other Haix models. In terms of water resistance, these leather shoes do not win but do not get through the morning dew in the woods. I recommend
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