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Blawesome Wetsuit Dryer



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Product description
Blawesome Wetsuit Dryer is engineered by watersports lovers for watersports lovers! Rock solid, portable and silent, Blawesome is a state of the art dryer, able to dry your winter Wetsuit within an hour and a Drysuit in a record time. Hundreds of backers around the world made it possible through Kickstarter.

With Blawesome you can enjoy a dry suit next morning, for the evening dip too.

Be better prepared than ever
Whatever your favorite watersport is, you probably had to slip into a cold damp wetsuit on a rainy freezing morning. Carrying a soggy wetsuit in your trunk or store it in your closet is neither something pleasant. Fortunately, with Blawesome these are things of the past.

Powerful but gentle
A powerful blower is the heart of Blawesome. It blasts 290 m3/h airflow while its 1000 w resistance warms the air. Airflow temperature is controlled to protect your equipment. Decide whether you prefer natural air or warm air up to 32ºC / 90ºF.

Always on the go?
Use Blawesome at your campervan or motorhome at Full power mode (1000W) or at Low power mode (50W) on a regular car cigarette plug. Low Power Mode it is compatible with your car plugusing any standard DC/AC power inverter for your voltage and regional plug.

Dimensions and operating measures

428mm x 170mm x 199mm (Due to its size, it may not be suitable for small children’s wetsuits)
1450g / 3.2lb
Load: 20kg / 44Lbs
Loudness: under 50db
Fan design airflow: 290 m3/h or 5000 litres/min
Fan impeller maximum turning speed: 2,800rpm
Airflow direction: 360º
Heating element power: 1000w
Combined power consumption: 1050w
Thermostat: temperature controlled switch at 90 ºF / 32 ºC
Home connection adaptor: 110v and 220v

Experimental drying times you can expect for your equipment for different wetsuit thicknesses and weather conditions.

Wetsuit thickness 3mm (Does not require inside out)

Ambient Temp. 85ºF / 29ºC = 20 minutes
Ambient Temp. 65ºF / 18ºC = 45 minutes
Ambient Temp. 45ºF / 8ºC = 60 minutes

Wetsuit thickness 4 to 5mm (Does not require inside out)

Ambient Temp. 85ºF / 29ºC = 45 minutes
Ambient Temp. 65ºF / 18ºC = 60 minutes
Ambient Temp. 45ºF / 8ºC = 90 minutes

Wetsuit thickness +6mm / other equipment
(Requires inside out)

Ambient Temp. 85ºF / 29ºC = 60 minutes
Ambient Temp. 65ºF / 18ºC = 80 minutes
Ambient Temp. 45ºF / 8ºC = 100 minutes

Drying times experienced by users may vary due to a wide variety of factors, including:
  • Environment relative humidity (%)
  • Effective airflow: a folded suit will prevent the airflow to circulate freely.
  • Lack of ventilation: drying in a small closed room, might cause longer times.
  • Drain time: if you rinsed your wetsuit, it may need time to drain water before hanging.
  • Requires inside out: a thicker wetsuit (+6mm) might require to turn it inside out to achieve a perfectly dry and ready to store feeling. Nonetheless, if you need a quick dry to get back to water in the afternoon, with shorter drying times you will also achieve a decent dry feeling on the inner side.

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