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Gibbon TravelLine 15m Treewear Set

Gibbon TravelLine 15m Treewear Set

Gibbon TravelLine 15m Treewear Set
Gibbon TravelLine 15m Treewear Set
Gibbon TravelLine 15m Treewear Set
Gibbon TravelLine 15m Treewear Set

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Product description
Small but extremely satisfying: the TRAVELLINE TREEWEAR fits into any a backpack and is the faithful companion for any on-the-road slackliner. The Travel Line Set corresponds to the DIN guidelines for slacklining (79400) and is TÜV approved. Includes RAT PAD, ratchet protection! Including treewear – tree trunk protection for environmental sustainability.

  • Gibbon Slacklines Travel Line with treewear, brown, 15m, 12,5m line + 2,5m ratchet strap, for beginners and advanced slackliners, ideal for traveling and to take on vacations, incl. ratchet protection and ratchet with safety lock, 50mm/2″ wide, tree and line protection (black felt with velcro), perfect leisure activity
  • 12,5m Slackline with reinforced loop, ratchet with safety lock and 2,5m ratchet strap with reinforced loop, setup guide, 15m complete set (12,5m line + 2,5m ratchet strap), width 50mm/2″, 2x treewear (black felt with velcro)
  • Simple and fast setup between trees or similar solid anchor points
  • All ratchet elements under tension are metal colored and must not be touched for safety reasons. “Black coating” marks the parts of the ratchet that are safe to touch. This increases safety when using the ratchet.
  • Flat webbing, especially developed for slacklining (trampoline effect). Continuous print for better grip and orientation on the line. The ratchet’s ergonomically optimized plastic handle allows a comfortable and efficient tensioning.
  • Ratchet: metal, webbing: polyester
  • silk screen printing
  • Breaking Load: 20 kN
  • weight: 2,7

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 340 x 80 x 290 mm.

2.367 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

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