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Accusharp PRO Knife & Tool Sharpener (040C)

Accusharp PRO Knife & Tool Sharpener (040C)

Accusharp PRO Knife & Tool Sharpener (040C)



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Product description
The AccuSharp® PRO Knife and Tool Sharpener sharpens knives (even serrated knives), cleavers, axes, machetes, and many other cutting tools in about 10 seconds. The large ergonomic handle is made of brushed aluminum finish and is framed with an over-molded rubber grip.

It fits either hand safely and securely. The full-length finger guard protects your fingers. The sharpening blades are diamond-honed tungsten carbide and provide years of reliable use. The AccuSharp® PRO Knife and Tool Sharpener will not rust and can be cleaned with soap and water. Replacement sharpening blades are available.

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Country of origin
United States

Anonymous 2.11.2021
Overall rating
Easy to use and functional. Cheap kitchen knives and knives get a good enough blade, not to mention a razor. 22.6.2021
Overall rating
super solid
Paavo I. 18.2.2020
The best sharpener we've tried. The knives and filleting knives became sharp.
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