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Orca Safety Bag

Orca Safety Bag

Orca Safety Bag

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Colour: Orange

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Product description
Orca's Safety Bag will make you more visible in the water and provide you with a flotation device to hang onto. With its watertight compartment, you can store your things, keeping them safe and dry. A practical and essential safety device for your swimrun competitions and training sessions.


100% Nylon


You can store your valuable items in the watertight compartment, which keeps them safe and dry during the race. Another innovative feature is the exterior pocket to hold the straps while you run.


The high-visibility neon orange color keeps you safe, as it allows you to be visible to lifeguards and boats while swimming in open water.


The bag adjusts to both the waist and shoulders so that it doesn't limit your swimming performance or style.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 410 x 210 x 80 mm.

Men, women

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Linda K. verified buyer, 13.8.2023
Overall rating
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Durable, suitably sized storage part for e.g. wetsuit and other equipment. It would be nice to have the straps of the backpack tighter around the buoy.
Sami L. verified buyer, 12.4.2023
Overall rating
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Bigger compared to other similar ones, which is good because it floats a heavier person better when fatigue strikes and you want to rest in the middle of the lake, the bag also has backpack-like straps, also suitable for transporting goods.
Anonymous verified buyer, 1.9.2022
Overall rating
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Works. Valuables can easily be taken with you on a swimming trip. When opening, a little water might get in, and I would put the electronics in the minigrip, etc.
Anonymous verified buyer, 14.7.2022
Overall rating
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I bought the product because I thought it would also be suitable for swimming in addition to water running, and the usual equivalent for swimming was not available. It is comfortable to hold the product on the back while walking. When swimming, the straps do not hinder anything, and a strap for swimming is also included. The strap feels a little short, and for some reason the assistant drags in a strange position. For swimming, I recommend the regular version. From the one I bought last year, purple water is coming out after the bottom of the pocket opened in the float part, apparently, where some adhesive has opened by itself. So it's good, but apparently short-lived. Without any dents and the pocket closes tightly when swimming. I would like recommendations for a better one.
Vincent C. verified buyer, 5.9.2020
Overall rating
Useful and functional
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