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Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp

Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp

Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp
Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp

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The Hammock Tarp is ideal for creating a waterproof shelter over your hammock in inclement weather. It provides excellent waterproof coverage without adding excess weight or bulk and uses a 5-point design with a single tie-out point on one side that provides space to cook under while sitting in the hammock.

  • Using Ultra-Sil™ Nano™ 15 denier fabric we get a massive 11'10" x 9'2" tarp at only 11.6 oz/330g
  • Our unique 5-point design has a single tie-out point on one side, providing enough room to cook under while sitting in the hammock
  • Two tie-out points on the opposite side can be pegged close to the ground for protection against prevailing wind and rain

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Anonymous 13.8.2022
Overall rating
Light and pack down really small. The storage bag for the product should be a bit bigger, so the packaging would be faster.. It took even a louder speaker
Anonymous 21.7.2022
Overall rating
Light and compact canopy. This is good for covering the ripper.
Pasi T. 29.4.2022
Overall rating
High quality and fit for purpose with products from the same manufacturer.
Anonymous 19.5.2021
Overall rating
The price is quite high, but it goes into a small space, light and easy to use. Ideal for longer hikes due to the above features.
Jari M. 26.1.2020
Overall rating
Great, light and versatile.
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