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Dr.Tuba Slingshot Speed System In/Out Valve Complete

Dr.Tuba Slingshot Speed System In/Out Valve Complete

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Product description
Slingshot mini boston type valve, used on their new kites and wings as Speed System inflate/deflate valve.

It has pre-installed velcro and additional TPU protection layer, just like the valve on the inflatable bladder. This is the only proper valve setup of this type and you will not find it anywhere elase.

Monsterous XL 120mm adhesive base has more than 2.7x bigger adhesive surface area compared to standard adhesive valve base.

All Dr.Tuba kite valves are available on two different adhesive base sizes - standard 78mm and Mega base of diameter 120mm. Dr. Tuba also moved from Tear-Aid to new Ultra adhesive patch material. This ensures permanent bond on different bladders from all brands and additional re-positioning the patch in early, crucial stages of installation. This is the best option for replacing faulty original valves on bladders from all mayor brands. All valves are HF welded on the patch and not glued, which delivers the best possible and equal bond of the valves.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 230 x 150 x 40 mm.

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