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Breakthrough Channel Cleaning Tool – Model F1

Breakthrough Channel Cleaning Tool – Model F1

Breakthrough Channel Cleaning Tool – Model F1



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Product description
Breakthrough® Clean Technologies’ Channel Cleaning Tool is designed to provide a simple and effective way to clean the many recesses and cuts inherent to firearm design. It works on any type of firearm; revolvers, semi-auto pistols, bolt action rifles, semi and full auto rifles, and shotguns. The flat tips and square edges reach into edges and corners typically missed using other cleaning implements. The Channel Cleaning Tool is non-marring and will not scratch or damage the finish of your firearm.

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 70 x 160 x 20 mm.

Gun type
Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

Basic Cleaning Tools

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laurent c. 13.5.2021
Overall rating
Very well suited to cleaning my weapons.Quality equipment
Vertti M. 24.3.2021
Overall rating
Surprisingly versatile demolition / cleaning tool for AR-15 owner. This makes it easy to scrape off dirt (plastic does last), water pads or press small pins, I definitely recommend.
Toni S. 17.7.2020
Overall rating
It feels suddenly pricey but the price is probably due in part to the supportive structure of the tool. Proven to be handy and worth the price.
Aki L. 25.11.2018
Overall rating
Absolutely super! I almost always dig this toolbox out when I clean my arms. Strong shopping recommendation for this!
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