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Docter Quick Sight for shotgun

Docter Quick Sight for shotgun

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Product description

The design of the QUICKsight by itself breaks new ground. For the first time, we present a reflex sight with enclosed design. Thereby, however, we do without the usual tubular structure. The result is the flattest and smallest reflex sight.

Rough applications in hunting are no problem for the QUICKsight. The casing made of steel and the enclosed design make it resistant to tough use and climatic conditions.

Whether hunting with the shotgun or using it on the shooting range - the reliable hit has top priority. The QUICKsight has been specifically developed for the use on shotguns with ventilated rails. The revolutionary design allows an extremely flat mount. With an axis of sight of just about 8.5mm above the barrel rail, it is the reflex sight with the lowest height in the world. The red target dot is parallax-free. Thus, the marksman can be absolutely sure: Where the red dot is shown, the target is hit.

The QUICKsight can be mounted on ventilated shotgun rails up to a width of 10 mm. You can mount the QUICKsight yourself without any problems. Due to the extremely flat design, no shooting adjustment is necessary. After the mount, the QUICKsight is immediately ready for use.

Parallax balance: 25 m
Illuminated dot coverage cm/100 m: 5 MOA
Illuminated dot intensities: Automatic brightness adjustment

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 210 x 60 x 120 mm.

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