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Aclima Lightwool Longs Mens

Aclima Lightwool Longs Mens

Aclima Lightwool Longs Mens
Aclima Lightwool Longs Mens
Aclima Lightwool Longs Mens
Aclima Lightwool Longs Mens



Aclima Lightwool Longs Mens Black
Aclima Lightwool Longs Mens Ranger Green
Ranger Green


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Product description

LightWool Longs are thin, soft long underwear. The garment insulates well under a midlayer on cold days and by itself on warmer days. It’s suitable for sweaty activities like alpine skiing, alpine touring, cycling and running. LightWool is soft and light and especially developed for warmer days. Do you know that wool actually has a cooling effect when it’s warm outside? Wool insulates against heat from the outside and therefore cools on days with higher temperatures. These are garments that ventilate and regulate body temperature as per activity, made of 100% merino wool.

LightWool is perfect for long tours, and wool is naturally resistant to odour. Simply dry and air the garment, and it’s ready to use again. Aclima LightWool is possibly the softest wool underwear you will ever try.

Yarn: 17.5 micron
Fabric weight: 140 g/m²
Material: 100% Merino wool

Aclima size guide

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 95 x 195 x 65 mm.


Merino wool 100%

0.132 kg (with sales package 0.17 kg)

Country of origin

Iiro L. 15.8.2022
Overall rating
Warm and light.
Anonymous 21.2.2021
Overall rating
Good and warm but the elastic at the waist of the pants is thin and "low". After long days it sometimes rushes into a string and presses on the stomach.
Anonymous 28.1.2021
Overall rating
The quality seems to be poor. Already two torn in normal use.
Harri H. 1.1.2021
Overall rating
Simply the best alukerrasto what I have. Works perfectly. I recommend!
Karli L. 17.12.2020
Overall rating
Really nice and comfortable but also really delicate material, maybe even too delicate for pants.
Pertti P. 1.1.2019
Overall rating
They immediately broke their legs
Jesse J. 6.12.2017
Overall rating
Top product
Nickname Jundun 24.9.2021
Good for sweaters, good for winter use. Can not withstand professional use. After 2 working days, my knees tore. An attempt was made to pile the gauze, but the fabric is so acidic that it tears next to it. The shirt tore from the shoulders. Maybe meant for light sports, not manual labor. After six months of use, trash. 2 washes in half a year, which is positive.
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