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Deerhunter Muflon Trousers

Deerhunter Muflon Trousers

Deerhunter Muflon Trousers

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Deerhunter Muflon Trousers Art Green
Art Green

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Muflon - Don't settle for second-best!

The mouflon in Europe originally stemmed from Sardinia and Corsica, and spread through Asia Minor and Central Asia to Mongolia. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, it has been introduced to several countries in central and northern Europe, where the ram’s large horns have become sought-after hunting trophies. The mouflon sheep has acute senses, particularly its sight, hearing and sense of smell. It readily adapts to its natural surroundings and climatic changes, and is a difficult quarry which calls for endurance and focus on the part of the hunter. It is these characteristics which have inspired us at Deerhunter – we must learn from nature to become better at negotiating the great outdoors, and the better we become, the greater our success. One of the ingredients of this success is modern apparel. It takes single-mindedness to continually develop new and contemporary equipment which matches the challenges involved in fulfilling truly ambitious goals such as taking home the mouflon as a hunting trophy. We have therefore decided to celebrate our 30th anniversary with a solid high-end range called Muflon. The range is a reward for all our loyal customers worldwide – the true Deerhunters. Thank you for the first 30 years – you deserve the best! The Muflon range marks a new beginning, and one which we are delighted to share with you.

Muflon incorporates Thinsulate insulation and Deer-Tex membrane with a five-year warranty. The range is available in two different colours: Art-Green and Max-5 camouflage. It boasts a wealth of smart features – waterproof zippers, trousers with moulded knees, four-way stretch fabric and a stylish design are just some of the details you can look forward to. Scale the highest peaks when wearing Muflon!

  • Adjustable waist w. elastic
  • Detachable braces
  • Suede details for reinforcement
  • 2 front pockets w. suede piping
  • 1 back pocket w zipper
  • 1 leg pocket w. rounded wide opening for easy access and extra zip pocket
  • 1 leg pocket left side w. zipper
  • Pre-shaped knee
  • Zipper at leg bottom

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 400 x 300 x 70 mm.


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Anonymous verified buyer, 8.8.2023
Overall rating
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Otherwise, the pants are ok, but they should have side zippers for heat regulation.
Anonymous verified buyer, 14.12.2022
Overall rating
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The pants are comfortable to wear and don't rustle
Anonymous verified buyer, 23.2.2022
Overall rating
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I ordered a size 54 and they send me the 58 and to return I have to pay the postage. I decide not to return and not buy from these people again
Leo G. verified buyer, 19.12.2021
Translated by GoogleShow original
The overall impression is good and the quality of the Deerhunter has evolved and the sizes are already closer to the right one. In the past, the sizes were considerably smaller than the number suggested. This ordinary Muflo outfit is not extremely warm. Deerhunter Rusky, for example, is made for really cold weather and long cops. Muflon is more for momentary switches. Padding is very modest in this jacket and I also wear pants. It is unclear whether the Muflon Long model has thicker padding and is close to Rusky's level.
Anonymous verified buyer, 14.12.2021
Overall rating
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Really high quality pants and warm
Ari K. verified buyer, 1.12.2021
Overall rating
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Comfortable and warm pants.
Anonymous verified buyer, 21.11.2021
Overall rating
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Warm and quiet verified buyer, 5.1.2018
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