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Lundhags Jaure II Mens Mid

Lundhags Jaure II Mens Mid

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Lundhags Jaure II Mens Mid Bark / Black (725)
Bark / Black (725)

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Product description

Jaure II Ms Mid is Lundhags most technical 3-layer shell boot, perfect for demanding hiking.

Lundhags most technical and advanced 3-layer shell boot. Suitable for more demanding hiking, preferably in untracked terrain and for those carrying slightly heavier packs. Jaure II High has a high shaft made of Nubuck leather, with a midlayer in insulating Ariaprene and a leather lining. The lower part is very durable and effectively protects the foot from rocks, sharp edges and moisture. Made from Certech® Exp, which consists of a waterproof outer layer in Liba Smart, a midlayer in insulating and shock absorbing EVA and an inner layer of microfiber for comfort. The boot is equipped with a Vibram Traction sole with a rugged pattern, a protective toe cap and a heel wedge for maximum shock absorption. Jaure II has a long life and is easier repairable when needed. A boot guaranteed is included in the purchase.

  • Lundhags most technical and advanced 3-layer boot with a medium high shaft
  • Well-suited for demanding hiking, preferably in untracked terrain
  • For hardcore users with great demands on functionality, and who want to carry heavy packs
  • Jaure II has a skaft in Nubuck and insulating Ariaprene, a lower part in Certech® Exp and a Vibram® Traction sole with a rugged pattern. Shock absorbing heel cushion and protective toe cap
  • Shaft in Heinen Terracare Nubuck leather, 2 mm Ariaprene COR and 4 mm Ariaprene MAX
  • Lower parts in Certech Exp (1.5 mm Liba Smart, 2 mm EVA, 1.4 mm microfiber)
  • Extra heel grip with Heel Fit Control (HFC™)
  • Vibram Traction outsole with rugged traction
  • Beta Pro insole
  • Heel wedge in shock absorbing polyurethane
  • Protective TPU toe-cap reinforcement

810 g

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 360 x 120 x 360 mm.


Last width


Leather with rubber lower parts

1,66 kg
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120 month(s)

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Buy It For Life™

Buy it for Life -tagged products are durable and possible to repair. We have extended warranty time for these products to 120 months. That means 10 years.

Anonymous verified buyer, 17.4.2024
Overall rating
Quality is second to none. Go for your regular size (no need to seize up).
Anonymous verified buyer, 26.2.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Good, solid hiking boots. Very stable and water-repellent, ideal for alpine terrain. Allow enough time to break in your shoes before a longer hike, as there may be pressure points with blisters on your feet. Long lasting product. verified buyer, 5.1.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Reliable and durable, the leather on the handle is really stiff, but it hasn't bothered me.
Anonymous verified buyer, 3.1.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
It took a few uses before the leather softened properly, but it has worked fine with these. A pair of socks will last even in severe frosts. verified buyer, 14.9.2023
Translated by GoogleShow original
A good 100km behind with these and better all the time. There's no need to dodge the males and chip away at the rocks. The soles have incredible grip, the others handle wet rock, so with these you can talisman straight past. Of course, then the sole might wear out faster than harder rubbers. After a long day, it dries out in the morning a little colder, when there are no moisture-absorbing linings, etc. fabrics. Always wear double socks and from time to time add wax to the surface and it will be good.

Tomi V. verified buyer, 10.8.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
The shoes themselves required nearly 50 km of running in before the shoes took shape on my feet, but now they fit perfectly. I have used these in summer heat and winter frost. Works well! Even in winter, my feet have never been frozen when I'm wearing a hiking sock and a wool sock. Even in summer, you should always put two socks on top of each other when wearing these shoes. So don't buy too small!
Andreas G. verified buyer, 4.10.2022
Translated by GoogleShow original
Item returned as too big
Anonymous verified buyer, 11.9.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Very good, it remains to be seen whether it will last for kilometers and years.
Anonymous verified buyer, 7.11.2021
Translated by GoogleShow original
Great shoes!
Anders E. verified buyer, 26.4.2021
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Fitted perfectly, good in size.
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