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OAC EA JR Binding

OAC EA JR Binding

OAC EA JR Binding
OAC EA JR Binding
OAC EA JR Binding



BC-Binding mounting

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Product description
Same great binding is now available also in kid’s size. Children are now able to use their own winter boots or hiking shoes for skiing. EA Kid features smaller toe strap with catch buckle, shorter ankle strap with plastic ratchet buckle, softer spring and shorter flex plate.

  • NN 75 screw pattern
  • Weigth: 1000g / pair
  • Boot sole length: 22,5cm-30,5cm

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 155 x 105 mm.

1.158 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

Country of origin

Harri K. 27.4.2022
Overall rating
Delivery came on time and the spare parts service is playing well.
Ioana M. 11.2.2022
Overall rating
Easy to use and no need for boots!
Anonymous 11.12.2021
Overall rating
A quick-fit bandage that fits any shoe. From time to time the bandage freezes, which is a minus.
Anonymous 10.3.2021
Good bond with everything. The front bandage can be left ready for suitable tension and the back bandage does not have to be opened completely. Makes attachment effortless.
Nickname Umpilumihiihto 8.11.2021
The OAC bandage will not stick if the sole of the shoe is rigid. The snow packs into the holes in the adjusting rivet and pushes the rivet out. Usually the batch shoes are stiff-bottomed, ie they do not fit. with a bandage. Soft-bottomed sneakers, on the other hand, cannot be used when the frost is -20 C. The manufacturer's product development person confirmed this.
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