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First Spear ECV, Ergonomic Canine Vest

First Spear ECV, Ergonomic Canine Vest

First Spear ECV, Ergonomic Canine Vest

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Product description

The K2-FirstSpear Ergonomic Canine Vest was designed by K2 Solutions military working dog veterinarian to allow for uninhibited stride and shoulder movement. By reducing weight, constriction, and pressure points, the sleek, breathable and lightweight vest moves naturally with your canine to effectively distribute equipment weight during patrol. This allows your working canine to perform their duties more efficiently during extended patrols, optimizing performance.

Custom-fit provisions offer improved canine functionality- the chest “Y” strap places the stabilizing anchor of the vest mid-sternum, as opposed to on the forelimbs as with competitors’ vests; FirstSpear 6/12™ technology reduces weight by up to 50% and extends the entire height and length of the lateral midline, providing you with maximal position options for custom integration of your mission-specific equipment and sensors; buckle enclosures cinch the Ergonomic Canine Vest to your canine’s girth; dorsal handles and D-rings allow you to quickly and reliably secure and transport your working canine.

These features and benefits, along with a more than 50% weight reduction when compared to similar vests on the market, ensure that the K2-FirstSpear Ergonomic Canine Vest is a must-have for all law enforcement and military working dogs.

K2-FirstSpear ECV when compared to other canine vests on the market:

• Enhanced mobility & performance

• Drastic weight reduction

• Smarter weight distribution

• Reduced propensity for fatigue & musculoskeletal degradation

• Improved comfort

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 260 x 450 x 50 mm.

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