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Garmin HRM-Swim

Garmin HRM-Swim

Garmin HRM-Swim

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Product description

Stores Heart Rate Underwater and Forwards Data

  • Specifically designed for swimmers
  • Non-slip strap
  • Stores and forwards heart rate data to compatible devices¹

Take your training to the next level by pairing HRM-Swim with your Forerunner® 920XT. Specifically designed for use in the pool, the sleek, non-slip strap stays in place, even during wall push-offs. Once you're out of the water, including when the torso is lifted out of the water mid-session, real-time heart rate, interval summaries and stored heart rate are transmitted to the 920XT.

Example of Typical Uses



Bike rides, runs, bricks

Pool swims

Open water swims

Open water swims

Triathlon competition (open water swim)

Triathlon competition (pool swim), triathlon kit not required

Triathlon competition (with pool swim) while wearing triathlon kit

Runs or bike rides as part of a multi-sport activity that includes a pool swim

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 75 x 175 x 60 mm.

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Country of origin

Marko V. verified buyer, 21.3.2024
Overall rating
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Despite the promises, the belt does not stay in place during turns. Requires a triathlete's top.
Mika K. verified buyer, 28.8.2021
Overall rating
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Stays well while swimming on site, seems to be accurate with data. Good product!
Andreas S. verified buyer, 29.5.2019
Overall rating
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Has worked well. This heart rate belt is not made of flexible material but there are extensions of different lengths in the package.
---...@...-- verified buyer, 3.8.2018
Overall rating
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Accurately measure distance and heart rate and everything else you can expect from Garmin. The belt is not as comfortable to wear as a treadmill. The swimming belt has nothing but a short piece of elastic fabric. It feels like the belt isn’t tightening properly and it’s scary that it’s leaking out of place or falling off (neither has happened). verified buyer, 12.1.2018
Overall rating
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Also stays in the pool top, as long as you put it tight enough.
Jiska D. verified buyer, 17.6.2017
Overall rating
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The belt is wider than normal belts. It also has "sticky" surfaces on the chest side. These allow the belt to stay in place better in the pool than normal belts. For once, the belt has not come off or run off in tight places throughout the winter. Because the belt is a partially stiffer material and wider than normal belts, dressing is a bit more laborious. The belt may start to rub easily if it is not worn carefully.
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HRM Swim/HRM Tri: Unify Your Training with Garmin