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Abus Ultra Mini 410 + Cobra 10/120

Abus Ultra Mini 410 + Cobra 10/120

Abus Ultra Mini 410 + Cobra 10/120
Abus Ultra Mini 410 + Cobra 10/120



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Product description

Uusi minikoon U-lukko varustettuna Cobra lisävaijerilla

  • Lukossa 12 mm salpa
  • Erikoisvahvaa terästä
  • Pehmeä ulkopinta suojaa pyörää
  • Suojattu lukko estää tiirikoinnin

Abus Cobra on kätevä lisävaijeri lukituksen varmistamiseen

Kätevä lisävaijeri lukituksen varmistamiseen
Pituus 120 cm ja paksuus 10 mm

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 160 x 220 x 60 mm.

0.7 kg (The product may have a light retail packaging.)

Comments 29.10.2020
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Good lock.
Katja H. 30.8.2020
Overall rating
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Light set to take along.
Katri S. 29.6.2020
Overall rating
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The lock is sometimes difficult to close, the alignment must be quite accurate. Otherwise convenient and functional. The wire is pleasant.
Risto S. 29.2.2020
Overall rating
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Good basic lock
Tiia K. 22.8.2019
Overall rating
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Pretty weighty to carry (I lock this kickbike) but runs well.
Sari S. 16.8.2018
Overall rating
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Insanely light U-lock. Hopefully it is also resistant to thief cutters. The downside is that the lock housing is not covered, because now water gets in there and it can't be good. The wire is a bit stiff but will hopefully stretch in use. The mooring bull was too small for a thick-body SUV, but the problem was solved with a bracket from another manufacturer. Fortunately, the lock can be unscrewed in place of its catch and another. I put 3+ but when I can't so three stars.
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