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Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated

Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated

Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated
Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated
Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated
Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated



Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated Multicam
Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated Ranger Green
Ranger Green
Crye Precision HalfJak Insulated Black


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Product description

The HalfJak™ is a new minimalist concept in combat-specific weather protection. It helps you stay warm and dry while avoiding overheating during movement. No needing to stop and remove kit to layer up or down. No interference with your gear and no delays while you’re on the move. Instantly transition back and forth between highly-aerobic and stationary activities without getting sweaty or cold.

Traditionally, operating in cold/wet weather meant that you could only:
  • Carry a bulky coat that you can’t operate in
  • Freeze now so you won’t sweat later on
  • Layer up now and hate life later when you’re moving and sweating. Now you can just throw the HalfJak™ on over your kit to stay warm and dry, and then shove it back in its stuff sack when you’re moving. Simple.

We’ve been making custom versions of this design for years – based on popular demand we are now making it available to the public.

The HalfJak™ Insulated version is our new take on combat-specific cold/wet gear. Made with ClimaShield™ loft material, it is extremely light, packable, and warm. The exterior fabric is treated with a Nano STX™ finish that keeps the water out.

  • Absolute minimal material, packs down small
  • Nano STX™ treatment sheds rain and snow
  • Does not block access to any of your gear
  • ClimaShield™ insulation for extreme performance and packability
  • No need to remove kit to don/doff
  • Extended rear panel covers small pack
  • Front hooks clip to vest for added security
  • Numerous stowage options
  • Stuff sack mounts via MOLLE, belt, or VELCRO® brand hook-and-loop
  • Folds into interior pocket, forming a pillow
  • Mounts to vest as a hand warmer

Country of origin
United States

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