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Seacsub Sense Man 3mm

Seacsub Sense Man 3mm

Seacsub Sense Man 3mm



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Delivery time approximately 14 - 21 day(s)
Available in stock
Delivery time approximately 14 - 21 day(s)
Available in stock
Delivery time approximately 14 - 21 day(s)
Delivery time approximately 14 - 21 day(s)

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Product description

Made with superelastic Techspan neoprene inserts, it offers top-level comfort and performance. Excellent fit guaranteed with the pre-formed and pre-angled anatomic cut. It is the ideal choice for immersions in tropical waters or as protective clothing for all surface activities.

Outer lining: Nylon with superelastic inserts around the collar, the chest, the zipper and the arms  

Inner lining: Nylon

Zipper: standard with metal slider

Wrists and ankles: toroidal ring in Smooth Skin

Hood: not present.
1st plus: Toroidal ring in Smooth Skin.
2nd plus: Powertex knee protectors.
3rd plus: Pectoral in Mesh Skin.


3 mm

1 kg (The product may have a light retail packaging.)

12 month(s)

Janne L. 10.10.2020
Overall rating
My own, rather bigger state, brings its own limitations and having tried several suits I would dare to claim this to be the biggest of those available. The stretchability of neoprene is in a class of its own compared to at least a couple of products from a competing company.
Mika M. 28.9.2020
Overall rating
fits well and works
Vertti R. 17.6.2020
Overall rating
A product made of very stretchy material that works well for its price! Reinforcements on the knees are a big plus when using water sports, for example when riding a standing water jet! 26.3.2020
Overall rating
Very comfortable and flexible suit.
Timitri N. 17.8.2019
Overall rating
There have now been 13 swimming / running trips and the suit has worked flawlessly. Please note that the XXXXL size suit is well suited for a 180cm tall man weighing 140kg. Yes, it’s left blank on your shoulders and legs for a while, but if you’re into running water or trying to rehabilitate an injury the way it is in my case, the suit works great for this. A XXXL size suit might sit on better, but I'll probably try it on like that later as long as I get the weight lower. The suit I have used approx. 13-16 degrees Celsius lake water and yes it really keeps you warm at these temperatures. My advice is that if your feet or hands are cold, I recommend getting neoprene shoes and gloves. Both of these are available from Motonet for about € 50, which is not a terribly expensive purchase. In addition, I would like to thank the seller of the store who helped me choose the suit! Such a big suit is hard to find.
Aleksi K. 4.4.2019
Overall rating
A suit that looks great. Easy to put on, but the size chart is a bit challenging for my size. Long enough to be found, there is little extra air space at the chest. However, it works great in hall conditions and why not in some really warm sea waters.
milla m. 4.8.2018
A wetsuit is appropriate and appropriate. Lots used already.
Harri S. 18.7.2018
Overall rating
Fits a bigger guy with himself weight + 110kg and fits in a suit XXX. Nicely lightened and supports on the surface without vests. Of course, dressing up is a bit awkward when the puller is on your back and holds the rail with the strap from behind your neck up. The legs are a bit tight but somehow you can get off your feet alone. I was wondering when the big men swam long distances so I had to try to see if it was due to that wetsuit and clearly it makes it easier when there is more lift.
Leo L. 29.5.2018
Overall rating
The suit is the best fit and elastic. I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time in a suit yet, but the seams seem valid.
Esko K. 22.7.2017
Overall rating
Once a suitable size was found, it was easier to put on. Works well even in cool water (about 15 degrees). You should roll it off inside out.
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