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Finis Agility Paddles

Finis Agility Paddles

Finis Agility Paddles

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S (hand circumference 17.5cm or less)
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M (hand circumference 17.5-20cm)
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L (hand circumference 20cm or more)
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Size: M (hand circumference 17.5-20cm)

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Product description

The convex design of the Agility Paddles promotes an early catch and an early vertical forearm position. Due to the paddles' strapless design, incorrect technique will cause the paddle to fall off. Additionally, the absence of straps also makes for a simplified fit, eliminating the hassle of broken or uncomfortable straps. The ergonomically-advanced design of the Agility Paddles requires a proper palm positive hand position. The Agility Paddles are a versatile tool for all four swim strokes and accommodate most hand sizes. 


  • PALM POSITIVE - Paddles will remain in place with proper early vertical forearm position
  • STRAPLESS DESIGN - Ergonomic shape designed to fit the natural contour of the hand
  • PROMOTES EARLY CATCH - Convex design provides increased traction with the water
  • ALL FOUR SWIM STROKES - Versatile tool for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle
  • LATERAL SIDE CONTOURS - Accommodates most hand sizes, including narrow hands
  • COMFORTABLE THUMB HOLE - Creates proper hand placement with thumb and fingers in ideal position
  • CONVENIENCE - Eliminates the hassle of broken or uncomfortable straps
  • DURABLE DESIGN - No pieces to lose or break
  • IMPROVED CIRCULATION - No straps to cut off circulation of hands and wrists

Vertical Length of Paddle S 160mm, M 180mm, L205mm


The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 280 x 195 x 50 mm.

0,184 kg(Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

Anonymous verified buyer, 8.1.2024
Overall rating
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I have borrowed a bigger size than these, which was fun but quite difficult. But the small size fits the hand like a glove and the swimming training got a really good extra pull, they are used at every swimming gig. It is worth arranging before buying.
Saara S. verified buyer, 6.9.2023
Overall rating
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At first, the thumb holes felt hard and uncomfortable, but after the third use, this problem disappeared. Lattiers that work in every way. I recommend.

Mikko L. verified buyer, 23.11.2022
Overall rating
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Essential aids for practicing swimming technique
Anonymous verified buyer, 6.8.2022
Overall rating
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Good boots. With them, you can immediately notice if the manual pull goes wrong. The thumb opening is small, so the size only fits a small hand.
Anonymous verified buyer, 25.7.2021
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Sit in your hand and the traction stays good
Anonymous verified buyer, 29.11.2019
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Lovely laptops, easy to hold.
Miia S. verified buyer, 5.11.2017
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Really good, because swimming has gained a lot more momentum and endurance! I notice that my hand muscles have also started to grow. Very pleased!
Olli L. verified buyer, 26.2.2022
Translated by GoogleShow original
They are well-suited for practicing hand-to-hand arterial turning and also come off your hands easily when needed.
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Strapless Agility Paddles

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