Apeks PSTASS (Passenger Short Term Air Supply System)

Apeks PSTASS (Passenger Short Term Air Supply System)

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The PSTASS is an emergency underwater escape breathing device primarily designed for helicopter escape by untrained troops and passengers. It is also suitable for applications such as amphibious vehicle escape. The PSTASS is compact, lightweight, has a central hose (non-handed), low inherent breathing resistance and a double non-return valve preventing water ingress, among other features.

It is now the only emergency breathing system accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority and is widely used throughout the North Sea oil and gas industry

Part Number AP0653/1
Weight 1.6kg
Materials All materials are approved for use in the Aerospace industry
Overall Dimensions Length 340mm
Cylinder 0.4 Litres M18 Aluminium Alloy 232Bar (other sizes and 300Bar available on request)
Certification CE certified

12 month(s)

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