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Orca Thermal Hydro Booties

Orca Thermal Hydro Booties

Orca Thermal Hydro Booties

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Orca Thermal Hydro Booties Musta


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Product description

These booties provide maximum thermal insulation to your feet. And thanks to their fit, they stay put and will not bother you while swimming.

The Thermal X thermal lining provides added warmth, helping to trap heat and avoid heat loss throughout your workout.

The pattern with a separated toe improves the fit, allowing the hydro booties to stay in place, thus preventing water from entering. In addition, the soft thermal lining provides added comfort and prevents chafing on the skin.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 300 x 260 x 30 mm.

3 mm

0,5 kg(Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

12 month(s)

Teija M. verified buyer, 8.2.2023
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Really good ones don't get cold feet
Seija S. verified buyer, 9.12.2021
Overall rating
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I don’t like it when a seam is sewn on the toes to separate the big toe from the others. Tricky to put on the foot and the seam rubs. When I ordered it, I didn't notice that stitch, I thought it was a regular sock model. Otherwise they feel nice and warm, so they will be used. In the future, I would like to see socks.
Mia V. verified buyer, 5.11.2021
Overall rating
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Well functional and comfortable for freestyle swimming. Xs suitable for size 36-38 shoe size.
Anonymous verified buyer, 3.11.2021
Overall rating
Fantastic! They keep me warm in the American Winter!
Teuvo A. verified buyer, 2.5.2020
Overall rating
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Very good ladies
Aleksi K. verified buyer, 16.7.2018
Overall rating
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Really well-fitting and handy.
Anonymous verified buyer, 3.9.2017
Overall rating
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These can also accommodate toes due to the design.
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