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Twinline Braided Technora® (400 LB)

Twinline Braided Technora® (400 LB)

Twinline Braided Technora® (400 LB)

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® from UV damage, increases flexibility, better knot strength, and chemical resistance. 

 Current applications include:

  • Aerial Surveillance Balloons
  • Gimbaled lines for remote video cameras.
  • Recreation applications
  • Survival cord
  • Heavy duty fishing assist cords and leaders
  • Violin tail cord

Available since 1987, Technora® is a very strong para-aramid fiber developed and produced exclusively by Teijin Limited. This aromatic copolyamid (co-poly-paraphenylene-oxydiphenylene terephthalamide) is ideal for dynamic performance applications involving significant motion. 

The polymer is closely related to DuPont's Kevlar®.

Product Benefits: 

High tensile strength - Strong and light: weight for weight, Technora® is 8 times stronger than steel and 3 times stronger than fiberglass, polyester or nylon yarns.

Fatigue resistance - Shows little loss of strength even during repeated abrasion, flexing and stretching.

Dimensional stability - Stiff and highly oriented molecular structure leads to a high modulus of elasticity, low creep and low stress relaxation. Low thermal shrinkage, i.e., excellent dimensional stability.

Heat resistance - Thermal decomposition threshold of 500ºC, so Technora® can be used at 200ºC for long periods. At 250ºC, it maintains more than half of its room-temperature tensile strength.

Chemical resistance - Highly resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents; not vulnerable to damage caused by steam or sea water.

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Anonymous verified buyer, 23.11.2023
Overall rating
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I got 5 meters for the EDC bag and it feels perfect for that use. Relative to its thickness, it is sturdy and does not stretch. Easy to tie and untie, stays well in the bundle and is not a pile of knots when needed. Has been used several times, e.g. clothesline on a trip. It comes off easily if you don't fix it and when Technora can't be fixed by melting, I ended up using instant glue. Finishing with quick glue seems to work just fine on this thick string.

Taina K. verified buyer, 24.7.2019
Overall rating
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I ordered a string for the trip for various needs
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