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Nitrox filling single tank / EANx

Nitrox filling single tank / EANx

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[DUE TO EXCEPTIONALLY COLD WEATHER 23.-26.2.2018 WE CAN NOT USE OUR COMPRESSOR TO FILL YOUR CYLINDERS DURING THE WEEKEND. You can bring your cylinders to us and we will fill them as soon as the temperature comes up enough. If you despirately need ai for the weekend we are willing to offer our diving school's own tanks for rent on the price of a normal fill-up (8€/ single, 10€ doubles. PLese note that we have a very limited amount of doubles, so it'll probably be pretty much single tanks available]

Please make sure that the cylinder you bring us for filling are properly inspected and they have a valid inspection date on the neck. We can not fill tanks that have been expired/ not valid regarding inspection. Thank you very much.

Attention! Be prepared to show your Nitrox classification.

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