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PowerBall 280Hz Autostart Classic

PowerBall 280Hz Autostart Classic

PowerBall 280Hz Autostart Classic



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Product description

Instant starts are now at your finger tips; no strings required, the advanced Autostart™ clutch mechanism takes care of everything, just pull back and spin for the perfect start every time. Loaded with a 280Hz™ rotor, Autostart™ is one of fastest ever polycarbonate balls and can reach in excess of 16,600rpm without vibration

(Persons under 12 years of age should use Powerball® only with Adult supervision)

Technical specifications:

Computer balanced automatic start 280Hz rotor vibration free to 16,600rpm

Ultra-grip silicone band

High impact poly-carbonate shell

Without (‘Classic’) an LCD counter

Weighs 265gr

Inertial resistance: 14.6kg at 10,000rpm

Inside the Box:

1 x Powerball®

1 x Instruction CD

Autostart from Powerspin on Vimeo.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 100 x 100 x 100 mm.

0.265 kg

Tarja K. 25.5.2022
Overall rating
Get off to a good start and accelerate well. Good muscle training for hands.
Anonymous 18.3.2022
Overall rating
Easy to spin. The hand surgeon recommended wrist for rehabilitation of tendon ruptures. Surprisingly tough.
Anonymous 10.3.2022
Overall rating
Surprisingly good resistance when learning to exercise, strengthens the tennis elbow pain area well.
Kimmo H. 10.3.2022
Overall rating
A great tool for forearm rehabilitation.
Anonymous 3.1.2022
Overall rating
The autostart system is excellent. I use it to warm my wrists for 30 minutes by car to the ice rink, and after the games I still have feedback on my way home with a powerball. Wrist pains disappeared with this "rite". I play with the 95flex racket, which is already some kind of impact load on the wrists in shots T: risk in traffic
frederic h. 22.6.2021
Overall rating
Cheaper than on Amazon And we are sure that this is an authentic fast shipment
Juha R. 17.5.2021
Overall rating
Works well for tennis elbow rehabilitation. The bearings started to make noise after a couple of months of use, but still work.
Anonymous 6.5.2021
Overall rating
Great widget, as long as you get a grain of technology. Good training for the hands and strains the muscles that were not known to be😁
Anne M. 7.1.2021
Overall rating
An excellent product for arm strengthening. 4.10.2020
Overall rating
Effective inhibitor or rehabilitator of tendon sheath inflammation. Autostart is the winner when the wire cannot be broken. In active use.
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