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Fjellpulken Xpack Rucksack 25

Fjellpulken Xpack Rucksack 25

Fjellpulken Xpack Rucksack 25



Fjellpulken Xpack Rucksack 25 Black
Delivery time approximately 10 - 21 day(s)
Fjellpulken Xpack Rucksack 25 Orange
Delivery time approximately 10 - 21 day(s)
Fjellpulken Xpack Rucksack 25 Red
Delivery time approximately 10 - 21 day(s)

Approximately 10 - 21 day(s) from the order. The reliability of the estimation is quite good.

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Product description

Fjellpulken XPACK 25 liter is Fjellpulkens smallest backpack. All Fjellpulken backpacks are very comfortable with possibility to attach a pulk shaft directly to the waist belt of the backpack.

The backpacks have very comfortable upholstry on shoulder straps and waist belt. The carrying system has all necessary adjustments, including the unigue "shoulder motion" system which let the shoulder straps follow the users movement under activity like skiing and going with a pulk. The backpack is also perfect for other activities like cykling, alpine use and other activities where you need a backpack of the highest comfort and quality.

This rucksack is also equiped with Fjellpulkens "hang-on system". This simple and genious concept makes it possible to "taw" tired children on skies back home to the cabin or back to the car - in a fun and easy way. All Xpack has this system integrated.

The Xpack series have been used on several expeditions and their solid construction has been well tested.

Xpack Rucksack 25

Height: 56 cm
28 cm
18 cm
1.8 kg

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 300 x 100 mm.

Men, women

1.8 kg (with sales package 1.90 kg)

25 Litres

12 month(s)

Country of origin

Jari K. 2.4.2021
Pass to a shorter thigh with a 118 cm fjällpulk. Solth's good shopping
Monica N. 29.1.2020
Good features, many details and great price. Is to be tested with pulk in a week, but I have great expectations.
Riitta H. 5.2.2018
Overall rating
I would have taken a bigger backpack if I had been in the selection. This is not really enough for a daypack on weekends.
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