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Greece Sport Climbing: The Best Of

Greece Sport Climbing: The Best Of



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Product description

Greece is a sunny country with gorgeous beaches, rugged mountains, and outstanding cliffs. Until recently, though, Kalymnos was its only claim to sport climbing fame. A book about the very best crags in the rest of Greece has been a longtime dream of the author. Now, joined by the same team behind the best-selling Kalymnos guide, it has become reality. You are invited to ride along on this dream journey around the cliffs of Greece by way of:

  • 31 crags, 132 sectors, and many smaller sub-sectors
  • 238 full-color photo topos, 31 crag panoramas and 25 maps
  • Nearly 2,600 single-pitch sport routes, plus dozens of multi-pitch routes up to 18 pitches long
  • Hundreds of action photos from some of the best photographers in the world!

Some stops along the way:

  • The best sectors of Leonidio, including the latest developments until April 2017, and all sectors in the enchanting village of Kyparissi
  • Other classic and newer Peloponnese sectors: Frygani, Nafplio, Lagada, Zobolo, Nedousa and Kardamyli
  • A comprehensive assortment of crags in the Patras area: Varasova, Kalogria, Chatzouri, Alepochori, Spartia and Kleisoura
  • Lesser-known mainland gems Kipoi, Mytikas, Almyros, Pyli and Mouzaki
  • Select multi-pitch routes on the conglomerate towers of Meteora
  • The best crags in the Athens area, one of the few world capital s with so many quality crags nearby: Hasia Cave, Mavrosouvala, Chaos, Acharneis, Mikri Varasova, Vrachokipos and Sesi
  • The breathtaking Aegean islands of Anafi, Symi and Crete (Plakias, Tersanas Cave, Voulismeno Aloni)

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