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Kickspark Max -aluminium

Kickspark Max -aluminium

Kickspark Max -aluminium
Kickspark Max -aluminium
Kickspark Max -aluminium
Kickspark Max -aluminium
Kickspark Max -aluminium
Kickspark Max -aluminium
Kickspark Max -aluminium
Kickspark Max -aluminium
Kickspark Max -aluminium

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Kickspark Max -aluminium Black Matte
Black Matte
Delivery time approximately 2 - 8 day(s).
Kickspark Max -aluminium Bright Orange
Bright Orange
Delivery time approximately 2 - 8 day(s).
Kickspark Max -aluminium Bright Red
Bright Red
Delivery time approximately 2 - 8 day(s).
Kickspark Max -aluminium Brushed aluminum
Brushed aluminum
Delivery time approximately 2 - 8 day(s).
Kickspark Max -aluminium Deep Blue
Deep Blue
Delivery time approximately 2 - 8 day(s).

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Product description

The new Generation of Kicksleds

The Kickspark is a new design of a kicksled. Traditional style kicksleds have been in daily use in Scandinavian winter since the beginning of 20th century but for some reason the design has remained the same while other products have been developed a lot. The new, innovative design takes the old winter product to a new level. The Kickspark suits as well for all round use as for sport and fitness. The frame is light and stiff offering excellent control also at high speeds – or for tall riders.

The handlebar comes with comfortable and warm hd foam grips. You can fold the frame by loosening two bolts or completely disassemble the sled using 6 bolts. This way transportation and storage is quite easy.

Kicksled can be used anywhere, where you would use skis or ice skates and quite a bit beyond too. For the best ride, choose runners for the surface you plan to ride on.

The Kickspark comes standard with steel runners, that can be used in most conditions: ice, snowy and icy roads, paths and trails with a relatively hard snow surface. Those work fine if one can walk on the snowy surface without sinking. The standard runners are made of 5 mm wide and 28 mm tall zinc coated spring steel. Length 150 cm, weight 3kg/pair.

Snow Runners are plastic skis that support the kicksledder even on snowmobile or cross-country ski trails. Snow runners come in two widths: 36mm and 56mm for softer tracks. Those glide better than steel runners in snowy or cold (-10C or colder) conditions.

Ice Runners are designed exclusively for kicksledding on ice, similar conditions as skate touring but work better than skates on rough or soft ice surface. Ice Runners glide amazingly well and quietly, yet the grip and control are far better than in the Standard Runners.

Kicking on snow-free ice with the Ice Runners is a whole new winter sports and outdoors experience. Racers reach speeds of 25-40km/h depending on the distance (100km record being 3:38:50). Long touring on (sunny?) spring ice is something Kickspark riders keep talking about when the ice is gone.

Kickspark MAX
  • folded size box: width 40cm, height 25cm, length 150cm
  • starndard steel runners, footboards, tools for assembly
  • Frame aluminium 1,35 kg, total with allround runners 5,5kg
  • Handlebar height adjustable 73 – 95 cm, aluminium
  • Recommended rider height 130-200cm
  • Colors black, silver, orange, red, blue
  • Accessories Snow Runners (35 & 56mm), Ice Runners, basket, dog pull adapter.
  • Standard runners steel 30 x 28mm x 1500mm, (3kg / pair), zinc coated spring steel
  • Snow Runners 35mm wide (500g/pair) or 56mm wide (830g/pair), length to fit the steel runners (150cm)
  • Ice Runners Race 0,8mm , Tour 1,2mm (2kg / pair), special aluminium/stainless spring steel
Grip for the kick

Even the fastest sled needs a grip under the kicking feet to propel it forward. On snowy surfaces in temperatures well below freezing normal winter boots work fine. On an icy road or lake studded winter boots/ running shoes or crampoons work better. Crampoons are studded (steel studs normally) kicking soles that can be attached to virtually every shoe. The best alternative are spike shoes originally designed for (Finnish) baseball or orienteering equipped with 9-12 mm spikes, some use even golf shoes. Stability/stiffness of the shoe is important.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 1530 x 600 x 200 mm.

5,5 kg
(with sales package 8 kg)

24 month(s)

Country of origin

Irina J. verified buyer, 20.2.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Super cute for sprinting with the dog! Light and easy to move. Convenient to assemble and light to carry when necessary. I haven't tried folding it into the car yet, because I'm pretty sure that the bolts would be missing :D Maybe a quick lock mechanism would be handy for the folding job. And those brakes would be a harsh word, but we'll go without them for the rest of the winter. I assumed that we wouldn't go so hard that there would be situations...

Anonymous verified buyer, 10.1.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
A very light and fast frame.
Anonymous verified buyer, 21.12.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Easy to assemble and light to carry. It runs great on ice and snow.
Vesa K. verified buyer, 18.12.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
A great purchase on first experience. Gliding, light and suitable for dog runs. Good buy. Drivers 175-185 cm and max seems like the right choice for its size.
Anonymous verified buyer, 1.12.2023
Translated by GoogleShow original
Light, but sturdy.
Anonymous verified buyer, 2.3.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Anonymous verified buyer, 5.2.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Looks good, fits in the car well when you lower the handlebar. The assembly went well, the tools were included in the package. By folding the handlebar, it can be stored flat.
Anonymous verified buyer, 2.1.2023
Translated by GoogleShow original
The product has not yet been delivered, although the promised delivery time has already passed.
Anonymous verified buyer, 30.12.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Light and compact. Rides well and fits in the car when you remove the bar.
kian r. verified buyer, 25.12.2022
Haven't heard of the product since ordered....
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winter kicking with kickspark !

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