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Mobikick Sledge

Mobikick Sledge

Mobikick Sledge
Mobikick Sledge
Mobikick Sledge
Mobikick Sledge
Mobikick Sledge
Mobikick Sledge



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Product description

Mobikick Sledge with Adjustable height

Mobikick is a Finnish invention that lets you make a sledge by using your old skis. The product is very durable, adjustable and easy to use.

Easy outdoor trips in the winter

Winter is a great time for outdoor activities. Longer trips are usually made by ski, or traditional kicksled. Natural paths or ice are however seldom optimal for traditional ski or kicksled.

Mobikick offers a new way of moving in snow or ice. You will slide over difficult terrains in a comfortable way.

Mobikick is a device, which is clicked to your slalom ski, just as easy as you click on your slalom shoe.

Mobikick also inherits the benefits of the slalom ski - the grip from the sharp edges, the wobble reduction and the low friction.

Mobikick is easy to transport, it fits into a small space. It is also easy to store during summer, of the same reason.

Mobikick suits everyone. A normal safety children chair can be attached to the mobikick. When the child is a little older, it can sit directly on mobikick seat. And already 7-year old children can often themselves run their own mobikick.

This shows, that mobikick is intended for your whole family.

Note! Skis are not included

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 800 x 650 x 500 mm.

5 kg (with sales package 5.30 kg)

12 month(s)

Country of origin

Erkki E. 4.2.2021
works not reproaches
Kirsi K. 29.12.2019
Overall rating
Excellent device.
Tarja M. 23.9.2018
Suitable for ice fields. Although in heavy snow, steering is really tricky. But on a snowmobile trail and on hard snow better. A nice widget for ice fishing 16.3.2018
Overall rating
A good ride game with dogs
Maria-Leena S. 4.9.2017
Overall rating
A working sled if suitable skis can be found. Sure a little clumsy, if you compare it to a kick sled, but it works in low-snow terrain as well.
Tero P. 27.3.2017
Overall rating
Sturdy and great opportunity to wear old skis.
Nickname Uutta kokeilemassa 21.12.2012
Excellent invention, old ski skis came for reuse. And what a slip! One kick and slides over ten feet.
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