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X-Trace Pivot

X-Trace Pivot

X-Trace Pivot
X-Trace Pivot
X-Trace Pivot

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BC-Binding mounting

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Product description
The universal free heel binding for all kind of hiking-, trekking- and winter boots with flexible sole.

Suitable for
•Ice Skating
•Backcountry Skiing
•Ski Rolling

Fits for shoes with app. 37 cm bottom.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 150 x 90 mm.

1.283 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

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Anonymous 11.4.2022
Overall rating
Ok bond, the hardest between OAC EA (best) and 2.0.
Anonymous 19.3.2022
Overall rating
The bandages are suitable for a wide range of shoes and are easy to attach. I inadvertently installed the front bandage in the wrong way, but exchanging the feedback bandages with each other fixed the situation.
Anonymous 18.3.2022
Very good. I am surprised that it arrived early.
pekka U. 22.1.2021
Overall rating
A useful tolerant for forest skis and suitable for all types of footwear
Juha Ö. 11.4.2020
Overall rating
Suitable for its intended use
Ramon D. 18.2.2020
Overall rating
That it can be used with any boot makes it easy to fit all clients with their own boots. For arctic boots the length of the straps is short. Unable to order replacement parts. There are parts that break easily makes it a very expensive fixation.
Nickname Latvalinnustaja 3.12.2020
Hundreds of miles behind. Three to break. The bandage is loud most of the time. The shoe crawls against the plastic or snow gets caught in the bandage. In the event of a breakage, a cable tie must be included, a loose belt must be used to drive the iron wire. Bandage torx screws. Difficulties in attaching front loops to large footwear. Okay, but I don't recommend that shipwreck equipment
Nickname Riekonpyytäjä 28.3.2019
Easy to use bandage. Has taken several forest trips in Sweden and Finnish Lapland. Now came the danger, because as I fell forward, the second bandage was severed immediately behind the front mount. Luckily there was a loose strap and iron wire in the backpack. Otherwise, I would have been in trouble miles from the car in a metric, submersible hang. Now then the so-called military bond next ...
Nickname Lauri 5.3.2014
With a few field trips, very good bindings. The only one to come with a bandage where any shoe stays with certainty. The mechanism seems durable and the bandage provides sturdy support for skiing. The only downside is the size of the buckle mechanism. If you ski on a deep piste, the buckle easily picks up snow from the edge of the piste, which eats up the pace.
Nickname Eräjorma 20.2.2013
Very good ties. Also suitable for backcountry skiing. At first I was a little skeptical if the bandage was too wide for my 50mm wide Madshus, but it wasn’t. At the back is a 7 km test run of a plowed trail, solid forest, uphill and downhill and a trampled walking path. Works. I highly recommend.
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