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Steripen Adventurer Opti

Steripen Adventurer Opti

Steripen Adventurer Opti
Steripen Adventurer Opti
Steripen Adventurer Opti



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Product description
Powerful germicidal UV (ultraviolet) light destroys waterborne bateria, viruses, and protozoa (giardia & crysptosporidium) that could make you sick. The smallest, lightest SteriPEN®, the Adventurer Opti, uses a revolutionary optical eye to sense the water. The long-lasting UV lamp provides 8,000 water treatments!

The new optical sensor doubles as a convenient LED flashlight. It’s a great backup light when camping or taking a night-time walk to refill your water bottle. The Flashlight mode is activated by pressing and holding the single button down for 3 seconds.The clear lamp cover focuses the LED light.
The Adventurer Opti retail package includes 2 non-rechargeable (disposable) CR123 batteries and a neoprene case with belt loop.

This SteriPEN device works with containers with minimum 1.75 in. diameter opening (ie Nalgene wide-mouth bottles).

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 110 x 55 mm.

Output (litre/min)

0.103 kg (with sales package 0.21 kg)

12 month(s)

Tuomo V. 30.5.2020
Overall rating
Several Classic models have been used successfully in the economy for a longer period of time, the latest of which, however, broke down as a result of the impact. Ended up with the Adventurer model due to its smaller size and weight. The light shield is clearly more sturdy than the Classic model and the construction and shape are such that I would think it would be more durable for travel use. Significantly smaller size and weight a big plus. Absolute minus a special battery standard. In practice, longer trips are required to carry spare batteries if there is uncertainty about their availability. I recommend the model if you want an effective purifier for the smallest and lightest clear water for the eye. However, if weight and size are not the number one consideration, I would choose the model to be downloaded from the Steripen collection.
Päivi K. 28.12.2019
Convenient size
Timo J. 25.8.2017
Overall rating
Always included. Since this acquisition, there has never been a footstool of a private man. 11.4.2017
Overall rating
Easy to use and drunk without getting sick tap water in Nepal, so I dare say that it works. Significantly saves plastic bottles / nature and money. Great for hiking. The Pre-filter itself is an addition recommended to remove larger particles from the irradiation path. When buying, pay attention to the type of battery, which is a little harder to find than usual (here one * drop)! Apparently in cold temperatures Opti works somewhat better, at room temperatures I would buy Classic.
Nickname JS 21.8.2017
The structure here is toy-like; from my own new device, the battery cover broke on the first day of the trip. More specifically, so that the screw in the case no longer held, I had to stack the lure with tape.
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