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Fjellpulken Transporter mod. 155 (board complete with shafts and harness)

Fjellpulken Transporter mod. 155 (board complete with shafts and harness)

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Product description
Transporter 155 is a load board in plastic (polyethylene) made for simple tasks like carrying goods or firewood into a cabin, etc. Many pulk owners do not want to use their pulk for such tasks, which often gives a bit more tear and wear to the pulk - and then you will find this product ideal.

It is reasonable priced, but still solid in it's construction and not at all comparable to the plastic boards (pulks) which can be found in the market.


Length: 155 cm
Width: 50 cm
Loading height: 40-50 cm
Cargo volume: 300 liter

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 550 x 1700 x 200 mm.

8 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

12 month(s)

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Alain H. 11.3.2022
Overall rating
Products delivered quickly, of good quality. Simple assembly and quick start.
Niina H. 20.8.2021
Overall rating
Fulfills its purpose.
Ulrika M. 28.4.2021
Overall rating
Good to pack with the tensioning straps. Holds a lot. Walks easily on the snow. Good harness. Good with long shackles so the skis can fit but they make the sledge a little difficult to turn too narrow.
Fredrik S. 7.3.2020
Overall rating
Best price. Delivey to Sweden in 5 days. Top Notch!
Jani H. 22.3.2017
Overall rating
A good budget solution for hauling. As a slight width, the center of gravity can be packed down and is thus not susceptible to tipping over, but it is difficult to pull a narrower groove wider, for example. The sharpness of the bow also causes problems in lumpy terrain, so it is at best with flatter open fells vs. more wooded terrain.
Nickname Hinnassa ei ole mitään järkeä 12.3.2021
The price makes no sense. Such plastic sledge is made and aluminum rods with plastic parts are made in China. There really is no budget solution. A similar sledge is sold under 40e. It itself makes aluminum drawbars and even tetsar a drawbar.
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