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Hilleberg Nammatj 2

Hilleberg Nammatj 2

Hilleberg Nammatj 2
Hilleberg Nammatj 2
Hilleberg Nammatj 2
Hilleberg Nammatj 2
Hilleberg Nammatj 2
Hilleberg Nammatj 2
Hilleberg Nammatj 2

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Product description
The Nammatj 2 is the best choice any two person outing in any condition where low weight is of equal importance to strength, reliability, and roominess. Ideal 2 person tent anytime both great strength and light weight are of equal importance. The single entrance and vestibule keep the weight low while still providing full access and ample storage space.

Nammatj and Nammatj GT are the masters of both high and low country, equally suited for a high altitude expedition or a weekend walk in the local hills. These robust all-season, all-arounders pitch quickly and easily, can be taken down and moved in a flash, yet are far stronger and lighter than any other tent in their class.

Because of their superb strength to weight ratio and compact footprints, both the Nammatj and Nammatj GT have become immensely popular with extreme users, such as polar travelers looking to save weight, mountaineers doing remote routes in the highest ranges, professional guides, and military special forces teams. But these same characteristics are just as highly prized by more “regular” users, as well: backpackers, cycle and paddle tourers, and anyone needing maximum strength while reducing weight.

Minimum Weight: 2.3 kg
Packed Weight: 3.0 kg
Outer tent fabric: Kerlon 1800
Poles (10 mm): 2 x 293 cm
Pegs: 18 Y-Peg
"Minimum Weight" refers to the outer and inner tents and the poles only. "Packed Weight" includes all items that come with the tent.

  • Kerlon 1800 outer tent fabric and 10 mm poles make for an exceptionally strong and stable tent.
  • All season construction: outer tent walls extend to the ground and mesh areas are backed with adjustable fabric panels.
  • Tunnel construction offers maximum space to weight ratio and is the ideal choice for mobile journeys.
  • Plenty of room for two occupants and their gear.
  • Linked but seperable inner and outer tent for simultaneous pitching.
  • Tunnel design requires only four pegs for pitching, and the simple, single opening continouse sleeve and pole tensioner system is quick to pitch and remarkably stable.
  • A single entrance and vestibule afford easy access and plenty of storage space, but keep the weight very low.
  • An optional footprint covers the entire area of the outer tent, including the vestibules. It connects directly to the tent, and can be left attached during pitching.
  • The inner tent can be replaced with a Mesh Inner tent (sold separately; see accessories).
  • The outer and inner tents can be used separately. Pitching the inner tent alone requires optional pole holders

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 250 x 500 mm.

Kerlon 1800

Number of people

Shelter type
Tunnel Tent

3 kg(Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

120 month(s)

Country of origin

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Mikko S. verified buyer, 18.8.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
True to its reputation. In winter, all ventilations open, otherwise it collects moisture, but that's what all tents do.
Anonymous verified buyer, 17.11.2022
Overall rating
I received excellent customer service from when buying this hilleberg tent I’m very happy with the tent itself excellent quality
Minna S. verified buyer, 12.2.2022
Overall rating
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There were strong winds in the fell. Credit accommodation.
Edward L. verified buyer, 24.11.2021
Overall rating
When it comes to Hilleberg there is not really much to say, I bought the Nammatj 2 and as expected it is outstanding quality. Everything about the tent is a level above everyone else. I splashed out (After Saving) because I wanted reliability but above all Safety, you can't feel as safer in any other tent than you can in a Hilleberg. Love the tent.
Anonymous verified buyer, 6.7.2021
Overall rating
the second time I owne this legendary tent. I'm looking forward for my first use later in summer 😃
Juha K. verified buyer, 29.1.2021
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
The tent was definitely expensive! ~ Now, after six years of use, so (summer, autumn than in winter) I can definitely recommend the tent! Material Appear to be sustainable and I am actually pretty hard hand it is treated. The tent has been on the wheel buttocks in strong compression on several occasions, packed towards the ester, and yet hasn’t seemed to take any damage! The tent is really simple and easy to set up, and in practice with four wedges the tent stays very upright. Of course, more is needed in rainy weather, or if you want to impress other people at the place to spend the night. The tent is inside a nearly five star hotel! Ventilation is playing and no condensation problem has occurred. Bags can be found for goods and space even for others to share. All the way through five tents
Jarno S. verified buyer, 4.9.2020
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
On the autumn hike, the morning dew wanted to rise between the outdoor tent and the indoor tent, even though all the raps were open. When erected, the indoor tent remained dry and the air conditioning was good. When the tent was packed wet in a backpack, the next time it was erected, the floor was always wet and had to be wiped. The Absidi is spacious and I don’t feel the need for the GT version itself. In the rain I got the food done in the abscissa. I ended up in this tent mainly because of its width. Nallo 2 is so narrow that the two (Exped synmat 9 LW + Exped DownMat 9 M) tent mattresses did not fit in the inner tent, but remained a few cents smaller at the narrower point. Nammatij 2 was just right and still had a couple of cents left. The weight is a bit fair for solo hikes, but the erection is quick and very easy. A tent that felt very high quality and I slept better here than in a desert hut.
John O. verified buyer, 2.6.2020
Overall rating
Great communication and always friendly helpful answers to questions. I love my Nammatj 2 ! Thanks, John
Robert C. verified buyer, 12.3.2020
Overall rating
The Hilleberg Nammatj 2 is everything and more that I expected from such a quality tent. I’m expecting years of use from the tent being safe in the knowledge that I’m securely and comfortably protected. Materials and design are exceptional.
Albert V. verified buyer, 27.3.2019
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
An excellent tent for a tall man and / or a year-round hiker. When buying such a tent, you should definitely do quite a bit of background research. Personally, at least I did, and (after one misstep) I couldn’t be happier. The lust for gram filing struck first, and I thought Hilleberg Akto was Meikäläinen's thing, but it didn't fit in properly. Nammatj was a spacious experience from the very beginning, which has worked brilliantly for the first five winter hikes. There is no Absidia, but I myself managed to preserve the winter hiking inside the tent flawlessly. So all the stuff, on the backpack when I wandered. At the same time, the basic Nammatj is a fairly lighter laptop than what the GT version. I recommend sticking up in the store and going inside both models (GT and basic), then concretely notice the difference and can relate to your own space needs. I have not met better ventilation in the tent, and there has never been such little condensation. The location of the tent and the direction of the wind, of course, matter. The small details in tightening the bowls of the arches and tightening the tent cords give a luxury experience. I didn’t come up with anything negative about the tent. I bought green, it is nice dark even. Kanssavaeltajilta I have heard the hypnotic bright red and sand-colored melkosen.
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