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Kelly Kettle Cook Set (Stainless Steel) - Large for Base Camp or Scout Models

Kelly Kettle Cook Set (Stainless Steel) - Large for Base Camp or Scout Models

Kelly Kettle Cook Set (Stainless Steel) - Large for Base Camp or Scout Models
Kelly Kettle Cook Set (Stainless Steel) - Large for Base Camp or Scout Models

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This Stainless Steel Cook Set includes:

  • 0.85 ltr pot
  • Lid which doubles as a small Pan
  • Grill Pieces - to be placed on the fire-base facilitating grilling over the coals or, simply to create a base for the Pot to sit on.
  • Gripper handle

The Stainless Steel Cook Set enables our 'Base Camp' or 'Scout' Kettle to be turned into a portable cooker eliminating the need to carry any fuel on your trips. Cost-Enjoy cost free, Carbon-neutral cooking outdoors using whatever natural fuels are available.

The cook set can be used in two ways:

1. When the water boils, remove the kettle from fire base and place Grill Pieces (2 no.) onto the fire-base. Then simply place your Pot/Pan on the Grill pieces for cooking, adding additional fuel to the fire base as required. Fuel can be inserted through the air hole in the side of the base.

2. Using our Pot Support certain foods can be cooked quickly over the chimney of the Kelly/Volcano Kettle as it boils thus ensuring maximum fuel and time efficiency. Note: as the heat is intense, you will need to stir your food regularly.

During transport, this Cook Set stores neatly inside the base of your Kelly Kettle ensuring maximum space saving.

The Cook set includes:
Stainless Steel Pot / Frying Pan (pot lid) / 2 Piece Grill / Gripper Handle (all Stainless steel)
Note: Does not include the Pot Support

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 145 x 96 x 160 mm.

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Tapani O. verified buyer, 22.10.2022
Overall rating
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Very good 1-2 person multi-purpose travel dish. Inexpensive, light and it can quickly boil coffee/water and the lid is good for frying, for example, buns. Light compared to e.g. the stainless steel kit of the Swedish army, which I have used a lot. The only drawback is that it doesn't have a handle so you can cook over a campfire, but it's handy to tune one.
Anonymous verified buyer, 9.4.2022
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Appropriately sized, smaller too small
Marko T. verified buyer, 29.11.2017
Overall rating
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The product met expectations. Good buy!
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