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Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L)

Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L)

Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L)
Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L)
Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L)
Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L)
Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L)
Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L)
Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L)

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Ortlieb X-Tremer XXL (150L) Black
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Colour: Black

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R 17352
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4013051014496, 4013051045476

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Product description
Descend into the underground, set foot into an unknown world. This requires courage, heaps of equipment and our robust X-Tremer. The 100% waterproof X-Tremer features a roll-n snap closure and anatomically shaped, padded and adjustable shoulder straps with chest strap for carrying comfort and perfect fit. Also suitable as protective transport cover for luggage. When empty, they are easy to fold flat into a small package.

  • Three D-rings for fixing and locking (with padlock)
  • Weld-on patches with tear-strength up to 1102 lb/500 kg
  • Easy to clean inside
  • Made in Germany

The easily operable roll-down closure is proven to be absolutely safe in any situation. Prior to immersion in water, roll at least four times and close the buckles. The entire equipment is packed in a compact way for convenient transport.

The height indicated refers to closed dry bags which are rolled three times. For the open length, please add appr. 7,9 in./20cm.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 420 x 280 x 100 mm.

Men, unisex, women

IP Classification

1,32 kg
(with sales package 1,366 kg)

150 liters

60 month(s)

Country of origin

marko h. verified buyer, 2.7.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Good product. Fits all in the same sack. durable and very good to wear.
Rasmus R. verified buyer, 27.12.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
A very spacious dry bag. A large rucksack and a packraft can fit inside.
Sami K. verified buyer, 25.1.2023
Translated by GoogleShow original
Surprisingly good on the back.

Christian R. verified buyer, 23.9.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Really big and good, feels durable. Just a little worried that the carrying straps will not last as they are only glued to the bag. Of course, it is done this way to maintain the watertightness. Fits the whole family's winter sleeping bags and almost all sea to summit sleeping mats, so we are very satisfied. 5 year warranty from Ortlieb, and the fact that it is made in Germany feels safe.
Anonymous verified buyer, 6.9.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Based on the first experiences, an excellent product for, for example, canoeing. You can fit all the equipment in the same waterproof "sack", which can also be conveniently carried on your back.
Matti R. verified buyer, 24.8.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Affordable and high-quality giant bag with shoulder straps. Light for its size (1320 g). Strong materials. Shiny tarpaulin-type PD620 fabric against the back is slightly scratch-sensitive. In other parts, cordura (P620C) with a pleasant fabric-like surface. Special thanks to the manufacturer (German Ortlieb) for the nicely executed "welding" of fabric materials based on HFW technology. This avoids the need for stitches and provides a very strong connection. Strong recommendation! Instead of applying heat from the outside, HFW involves the application of high frequency voltage to the objects that need to be welded. The voltage causes the molecules within the various materials to vibrate and, essentially, to generate heat. Softened from within by the heat, the materials are then bonded under high pressure.
Anonymous verified buyer, 5.8.2022
Overall rating
Anonymous verified buyer, 27.1.2021
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
An excellent “backpack” for kayaking
Anonymous verified buyer, 15.1.2021
Overall rating
Its huge but I wish it had a waist belt.
Antti V. verified buyer, 17.10.2019
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
The need was to find one big sack that can not only be thrown to the bottom of the canoe but also easily carried from the beach to the accommodation. The 150L Ortlieb meets that need just fine: it easily accommodates the stuff of a few days' trip for two people with tents and sleeping bags. Hardly will this last from father to son either, like not milk today, but it looks good at this point!
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