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Trangia Stove 25-6 UL, 2 saucepans and frypan (non-stick), aluminium kettle 0.9L

Trangia Stove 25-6 UL, 2 saucepans and frypan (non-stick), aluminium kettle 0.9L

Trangia Stove 25-6 UL, 2 saucepans and frypan (non-stick), aluminium kettle 0.9L

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Product description
2 Non-stick saucepans, 1.75 and 1.5 litre
1 Non-stick frypan, 22 cm
1 aluminium kettle
2 Windshields (upper and lower)
1 Burner
1 Handle
1 Strap

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 220 x 220 x 110 mm.

1.17 kg
(with sales package 1.24 kg)

12 month(s)

Country of origin

juha r. verified buyer, 11.9.2022
Overall rating
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You can feel the quality in use. This works like a train toilet. Extremely easy to use and reasonably light to carry. Remember to burn all the Miranol you have dosed and you will stay smelling good :)
Anonymous verified buyer, 2.6.2022
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Runs his business as before 🌹🌹 with the same opinion, this is how it goes towards the end of the year, which was in heavy use.
Anonymous verified buyer, 22.5.2022
Overall rating
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Well done, even when the accessory, the prime cooker connector is included. You can get the same product for 10 € cheaper elsewhere, whether Varuste net will start pricing itself out
M.CARMEN O. verified buyer, 5.4.2022
The lid of the kettle had a dent with a hole.
Anonymous verified buyer, 31.3.2022
Overall rating
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Always a sure choice
Anonymous verified buyer, 30.3.2022
Overall rating
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A classic that works in the weather like a weather
Anonymous verified buyer, 29.12.2021
Overall rating
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The ideal companion for the bivouac. Solid, easy to use and store. I recommend 100%
Joy H. verified buyer, 26.12.2021
Overall rating
Have been using a trangia for 20 yrs and it’s the best product on the market Now my kids are also requesting their own. So compact and easy to use, you can purchase fuel anywhere in the world, we have travelled 3 continents with ours. Delivery to Australia was prompt great service. We like the non stick.
Anonymous verified buyer, 10.12.2021
Overall rating
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Works perfect! Small and compact and perfectly suitable for the backpack!
Etienne H. verified buyer, 15.7.2021
Overall rating
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I used this bowl kit (2 pots, 1 pan and 1 kettle) during a canoe trip in Sweden over several days. This cooking kit does not take up space and is effective even in bad weather. This kit is very well thought out and designed. It rises very quickly in temperature and requires little alcohol. Provide a wooden spatula, matches or lighter and methylated spirits. Although the price is high, this kit is very robust and complete. I have not found an equivalent product at Décathlon or even Au Vieux Campeur. Ideal for hikes, trips and other excursions whether on foot, by bike, by canoe ...
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