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Savotta Backpack 339

Savotta Backpack 339

Savotta Backpack 339
Savotta Backpack 339
Savotta Backpack 339
Savotta Backpack 339
Savotta Backpack 339



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Product description
The 339 is already much more than just a backpack: due to its size and carrying features, this saddle sack could be a small rucksack. The spacious, easily packed bag and the carrying comfort of a modern external frame backpack make the 339 a fine choice for longer trips as well. A classic model from the 1950s, only the materials have been updated over the years but the design has remained the same.

The main compartment of the bag (dimensions approximately 50 x 40 x 20–30 cm) is closed by tightening the drawstring opening which is covered with a flap that can be secured with straps. The straps are long enough to attach, for example, a rolled sleeping mat or blanket under the flap. If necessary, additional detachable straps can be used to lengthen the straps. The contents of the bag can also be accessed quickly through the small side zipper on the right side of the opening. As a special feature, there are strings on the sides of the bag that can be used to tighten it to make the bag sturdy with less stuff inside, the range of adjustment is approximately 10 cm. Conveniently, you can pack extra supplies behind the side strings, e.g. a camping axe.

The side pockets (dimensions approximately 33 x 10 x 6 cm) are closed with fitted flaps with good coverage and secured with leather straps. The side pockets are ideal for packing large Thermos flasks and other cumbersome, long supplies.

The back pocket (dimensions approximately 20 x 30 x 6 cm) is closed with a flap equipped with two leather straps. You can pack plenty of small supplies into the generously sized outer pocket for quick and easy Access.

The frame of the carrying device is the steel pipe frame of the 339. The lower part of the frame is bent, forming a base onto which the backpack can be set down safely even on sharp stony ground.

The supportive carrying system similar to external frame backpacks assures carrying comfort. The back length is continuously adjustable to suit users of different heights. Your upper back sits against stretched netted fabric and your lower back, in turn, against a strap saddle: these keep the bag itself from touching your back for the most part, making for less sweaty conditions.

The shoulder straps are wider than normal and padded, a chest strap with a buckle gives additional support. The supporting point of the shoulder straps is located at the top of the frame. It is possible to adjust the centre of gravity of the backpack even while walking by tightening and loosening the adjustment straps of the shoulder straps. The operating principle is roughly the same as with the supportive carrying systems of external frame backpacks.

External dimensions: height 50 cm, width 45 cm, depth 25–35 cm.
Capacity: approximately 55–65 l.
Weight: approximately 1.90 kg. (Frame weight 650g)
Materials: paraffin-treated cotton, polyamide strap.
Frame: steel pipe.
Colour: olive green with black buckles.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 350 x 150 mm.

Men, women

1.5 kg (with sales package 2.00 kg)

65 Liters

60 month(s)

Country of origin

Anonymous 26.8.2022
Overall rating
with a small load, the backpack feels good, but eventually it starts to weigh down the lower back. With a little soft mod it became perfect.
Anonymous 22.8.2022
Overall rating
Really good backpack!
Jiseon Jung J. 13.8.2022
Overall rating
I love Savotta and Varuste. Perfect. :)
Jouko T. 29.1.2022
Overall rating
Awesome backpack, this is what everyone should have.
Anonymous 7.1.2022
Overall rating
Very happy with it, the material is heavy duty and holds up in the rain well, and such a difference the frame makes to your back. size is perfect for a few days trip properly loaded up. there is no waist clip but there is material attached to make one, so purchase an extra rucksack clip. Thumbs up
Ali J. 1.12.2021
Overall rating
A modernized but still traditional wheelchair. There is space in a small car. I especially like how in the saddle models the backpack stays off the back and therefore the back does not collect sweat.
Markus R. 3.11.2021
Overall rating
Good product for the price. But it can never compete with the historical backpacks with frames!
Marc d. 21.1.2021
Overall rating
Sturdy construction, spacious and simple, just as I wanted. The steel frame is very comfortable and the weight is well spread on the hips despite the lack of a belt. You can add one if you want. I just removed one star because it's not the most ergonomic pack, for example you don't have quick adjustment or sling clip fasteners. You need to do adjustment by hand, but it doesn't really bother me. I just fitted it once for good. Overall, this is a simple but sturdy and comfortable backpack, made in Europe and heavily customizable. If something bothers you, you can for sure modify it to suit your needs instead of relying on the good will of a brand.
Juha-Matti K. 21.1.2021
Overall rating
One star out of adjusting the shoulder straps or really its slowness. As long as the adjustments are in place, they will remain there. The size of the backpack is just enough for a passelist for day trips, for which I mainly get this.
Tapio P. 24.12.2020
Overall rating
I have not yet been able to test the backpack in field conditions. Spacious backpack on all sides.
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