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Zoggs Horizon Flex Mask Titanium

Zoggs Horizon Flex Mask Titanium

Zoggs Horizon Flex Mask Titanium
Zoggs Horizon Flex Mask Titanium
Zoggs Horizon Flex Mask Titanium
Zoggs Horizon Flex Mask Titanium

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Zoggs Horizon Flex Mask Titanium Clear / White / Mirrored Blue
Clear / White / Mirrored Blue
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Colour: Clear / White / Mirrored Blue

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Location Store (Helsinki): Scuba diving, 27, warehouse

Product description

Introducing Zoggs innovation in swimwear technology: the Titanium Blue Lens goggles. Engineered for optimal performance, these goggles feature a conical lens profile providing a panoramic view, perfect for enhancing your swimming experience. Each side boasts a V-Groove Flex Point for unparalleled flexibility, while the textured inner seal ensures a secure, non-slip fit. Equipped with anti-fog technology, you can swim with crystal-clear vision, while UV protection shields your eyes from high-level light and harmful UV rays. Dive in with confidence and clarity with our Titanium Blue Lens goggles.
  • Titanium Blue Lens for ideal for high-level light and reducing glare from the sun.
  • Each side features a V-Groove Flex Point for enhanced flexibility
  • Conical lens profile for panoramic view
  • Textured inner seal for a secure non-slip fit
  • Anti-fog technology to ensure you can swim clearly
  • UV Protection to protect your eyes from high levels of light and harmful UV rays against harmful UV rays

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 100 x 100 mm.

0,18 kg(Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

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