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Shimano SM-SH12 Klossisarja - keskisarana (M5 x 8)

Shimano SM-SH12 Klossisarja - keskisarana (M5 x 8)

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Product description

For cyclists who prioritize efficient power transfer and minimal lateral movement, Shimano's SM-SH12 Blue cleats offer the perfect solution. These cleats position the pivot point at the front, effectively eliminating side-to-side sliding motion. However, they still allow for a slight degree of angular adjustment from the pivot point towards the heel, ensuring that your foot isn't entirely fixed in place.

Crafted with a composite construction method, the SM-SH12 Blue cleats blend an injection-molded main body with TPU tips, ensuring enduring engagement performance with the pedals. Additionally, the TPU tips enhance grip, offering stability during off-bike moments. These cleats seamlessly integrate with Shimano SPD-SL pedals, allowing riders to fine-tune the clipping and unclipping tension for a personalized experience. With a 12-degree clip-out angle, disengaging from the pedals swiftly is effortless when required.
  • Occupying the middle-ground between Shimano’s Yellow and Red cleat options, the SM-SH12 Blue cleats have two degrees of float (one degree in each direction), allowing for a small range of movement while still delivering a high degree of pedaling efficiency.
  • Customizable: Seamlessly compatible with Shimano SPD-SL pedals, which allow you to adjust the spring force required to clip in and out of your pedals
  • Ease of Disengagement: Feature a 12-degree clip-out angle, allowing you to quickly get out of your pedals when the time calls
  • Off-Bike Friendly: Cleat size and shape provide stable walking platform and are less prone to clogging with dirt when off bike
  • Built to Last: Composite construction combines injection molded main body with grip enhancing TPU tips that are durable and maintain long lasting pedal engagement

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