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Icuserver Icusun Solar Panel

Icuserver Icusun Solar Panel

Icuserver Icusun Solar Panel
Icuserver Icusun Solar Panel
Icuserver Icusun Solar Panel
Icuserver Icusun Solar Panel
Icuserver Icusun Solar Panel

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Product description

No more changing batteries, no more standing at the hunting ground. The solar panel from icuservercharges the inserted 18650 Li-Ion batteries during operation in daylight and with the power of the sun, thus extending the runtime of your radio wildlife camera.

With ideal positioning, there are no more limits to the running time of the game camera. Thanks to the coordinated camouflage pattern, the panel is also perfectly camouflaged in the forest and does not give away the camera's location. 

Energy-saving LEDs show the charge status of the batteries at all times, as well as the current charging currents supplied by the solar panel. With the adapter cables included in the scope of delivery, the solar panel fits any wildlife camera, whether it is a camera with a SIM card or wireless cameras. Perfectly adapted to the consumption of an average wireless game camera. Up to 289 mA Charging current at full sunlight. 8-12 hours of full sunlight are sufficient to fully charge the inserted 18650 batteries.
  • Replaceable batteries: The 18650 batteries are not permanently installed, but can be replaced at any time
  • Save energy: Working with the power of the sun
  • Secureable: Anti-theft device with Rope lock possible (up to 1 cm rope diameter)
  • Charger included: Also charge the batteries at home with the integrated charger in the panel
  • Parallel operation possible: Connect several solar panels in parallel to generate a higher charging current
  • Weatherproof: IP54 certified and therefore perfect for outdoor use

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