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Above Below RuckRaft

Above Below RuckRaft

Above Below RuckRaft
Above Below RuckRaft
Above Below RuckRaft
Above Below RuckRaft

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Product description

The next generation tow float from Above Below for outdoor swimmers. The RuckRaft has buoyancy to support a full 70 litre, 15 kg three day expedition pack and packs down to a lightweight 1 kg package. The dry bag can easily accommodate a full 70 litre rucksack, with room to spare for clothes, walking shoes or anything else you want to take on your adventure. With high frequency welded seams, the raft inflates in 30 seconds via two-way valve. No zips to go wrong, no stitched seams and no leaks. The RuckRaft comes with a polyester tow leash that can be attached around your waist or ankle. Polyester does not absorb water and so retains strength when wet. When fully extended, the leash is 210 cm long. The flexible waist means it should fit all sizes. Regarding the material, the raft and the drybag are constructed using a tough TPU coated Nylon fabric by Rivertex®. Lightweight with high tear strength and ISO 12402-7 approved, the fabric has been designed to offer unrivalled strength and durability for when performance matters.
  • Superior buoyancy and stability
  • Tough, marine-grade materials
  • Extra large bright orange drybag included - to work with any rucksack
  • Packable and lightweight
  • Two-way valve inflates in 30 seconds
  • Strong straps, robust clips and high-frequency welded seams
  • Definitely no zips
  • Made in the UK

Dry bag
Tow leash

1 kg

Packed raft: 25 cm wide, 12,5 cm diameter
Drybag: 70 x 95 cm
Drybag volume: 120 L
Tow leash max lenght: 210 cm

Raft and dry bag: Nylon, TPU
Leash: Polyester

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 270 x 120 x 120 mm.

1 kg

120 liters

Country of origin
United Kingdom

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