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AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens

AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens

AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens
AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens
AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens
AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens
AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens
AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens
AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens

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AquaLung Dynaflex 5.5 mm Mens Grey


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Product description

This back-zipped wetsuit serves the classic segment of a base layer, with a feature-rich package. Thanks to the 4-way super-stretch neoprene using Ultraspan fabric, double water-seal cuffs and a semi-sealed zipper closure, Dynaflex provides a perfect fit with maximum comfort and warmth. To make life easier before and after diving, the neck opens using a zipper, this is an amazing feature when a diver has to sit and wait for the water entry. A removable pocket and a computer attachment on each sleeve are just two of the many benefits that make this suit a great addition to your dive kit.
  • Ultraspan outer fabric and 4-way super-stretch, tight-weave fabric
  • This fabric is abrasion-resistant and fastens using hook and loop fastener, so that your suit always looks good
  • Constructed using double-glued double blind stitched seams; All internal seams are sealed for superior warmth, comfort and durability
  • Double water-seals with zipper on arms and legs to limit any water getting in
  • Ergonomic panels under the arms for comfortable movement
  • Legs and arms are pre-shaped for greater comfort
  • G-Lock zipper on the back combines with a double flap, giving a perfect seal that stops water and cold getting in
  • Zipper closure on the front of the neck, fitted with a sealed gusset for greater comfort before or after diving
  • Supratex kneepads giving excellent abrasion resistance and great flexibility
  • Graphics printed on the shoulders to protect your suit from any buoyancy compensator rubbing
  • A rubber loop on each arm holds your computer in a good reading position
  • An easily-positioned, removable mesh 3D pocket on the right thigh, with a net base to drain the water
  • A loop at the end of the zipper and a strap on the runner to help get the wetsuit on and off
  • Reflective prints on the back of the calf improve visibility during dives

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5.5 mm

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