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Gerber Dual-Force

Gerber Dual-Force

Gerber Dual-Force
Gerber Dual-Force
Gerber Dual-Force
Gerber Dual-Force
Gerber Dual-Force
Gerber Dual-Force
Gerber Dual-Force
Gerber Dual-Force

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Gerber Dual-Force Stainless
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Colour: Stainless

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Product description

For tough jobs, it's often easier to head back to the toolbox for a proper set of pliers—until now. The Dual-Force isn't your average multi-tool, boasting layered constrution to provide 2x the jaw strength and 2x the force to manhandle any task put in front of it. The adjustable 2-position slip joint jaw and extra-large teeth grasp firmly onto a variety of fasteners and apply unparalleled control. Additional features include a center-axis bit driver, plain edge knife blade, fine/coarse file, saw, and additional bit storage. From predictable day-to-day tasks to the thrilling unknowns of the backcountry roads, the Dual-Force is the replacement for those old dedicated pliers of yours, and then some.

  • The Dual-Force’s jaws operate like dedicated set of pliers, with a 2 position slip-lock design, and extra-large teeth for unparalleled control
  • Center-Axis bit driver operates like a real screwdriver, providing maximum torque and rotation
  • The handspan is 47% narrower than competitor tools, allowing for optimal gripping power and 2x the force
  • Layered construction adds durability and 2x the strength of the competition
  • Included sheath can be worn horizontally or vertically, depending on the task and user preference

Weight and dimensions
Weight: 340g (12 oz)
Width: 21.3 cm (0.84 in)
Length: 11.8 cm (4.65 in)

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 250 x 150 x 60 mm.

0,34 kg
(with sales package 0,4 kg)

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Timo T. verified buyer, 1.12.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Good: -Strong and durable pliers, the transfer jaw feature is really functional and necessary for personal use - The chisel is well thought out and significantly more ergonomic to use than e.g. Leatherman equivalents Bad: -In general, a cheaper and sloppier feeling than in more expensive brands - The geometry of the pliers leaves much to be desired. The joint point is too far away from the gripping part of the jaws, which means that the pliers do not have a proper compression force - The file is honestly bad and almost unusable. Too smooth in texture - The saw is also a miracle of smooth and soft iron, the teeth already broke when sawing dry pine. I did a test cut with a Leatherman and this one on the same tree, no problem with the pipe saw and this one made me sweat. No further. - The knife is not great but usable, not much to say one way or the other In summary, we could say that the idea in this tool is incomparably good, but the cheap implementation and bad materials spoil the whole. It's a shame in itself, you could pay much more for this if it was done properly. I weighed for a long time between the Leatherman Surge and this one, and I think I'll still get the Surge. However, I leave this for work, where 90% of the time the use is pliers or a chisel. They work just fine here.
Anonymous verified buyer, 28.2.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Great thing! Searched for a long time, almost nowhere to get it, I am very happy with it and use it in my work!
Pierre M. verified buyer, 24.1.2023
Overall rating
just as it should.... strong and easy to use
Anonymous verified buyer, 23.12.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
One of the turbine overhaul installers was involved in the experiment, and maybe even exceeded expectations. The pliers work well, and these really hold at least another 36mm stem really nicely, handy when the nut is just tight enough that it can't be turned by hand, but you can't bring yourself to get the key for some reason. A screwdriver also works well, as long as you remember that it will not withstand any kind of twisting. Also a plus for holding two extra tips, at first they seemed a little toy-like, but they work well. The knife has nothing to complain about either, and at least in your own hand it opens and closes with just one hand when it gets a bit weathered. The most used feature in my case is the chisel blade, which works excellently for cleaning various flat surfaces of sealant residues, etc. It also works as a light pry bar when necessary, so you don't have to break the screwdriver. The chisel blade does wear out, but a little touch with a file and a whetstone makes it like new again. The only minus comes from the file, which has almost no blade. I have doubted whether I got a Monday piece, because the toothing of the file on both sides is so shallow that it doesn't file anything. It's a bit big and heavy, which in my opinion is a good thing, the smaller ones are easily lost when you don't feel the weight on the belt, but you can feel its presence or lack of it. From the first contact, the thoughts were that this will last, the previous cheaper model from the same manufacturer did not withstand work use, but in this case, the matter seems brighter. It seems to sensitize and patina very nicely, but without loosening. It came with a really great belt holster, which, to my pleasant surprise, had a small additional pocket that could hold a few other things that normally go around in the bottom of the pocket. If the file was better, I would give the full five stars, but I will give them anyway because I suspect a manufacturing defect in mine. A game that feels really great, and the first multi-tool that I can seriously justify hanging on my belt at work.
Juha-Pekka J. verified buyer, 23.7.2022
Overall rating
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One of the few transfer jaw multi-tools. The pliers are quite massive in the open position, but that's about it. Jaws with two notches; standard position closed, and approx. 10mm additional clearance. The pliers are blunt in design. In my work, there is actually more use for larger jaws than for the more traditional needle nose pliers. The "center-axis" screwdriver is also good, i.e. true to its name, it is centered in the middle of the tool, making its use natural and comfortable. There are three tips in total: 2 x philips and 1 x chisel. The file(s) have always been rather pointless to me, but luckily a chisel has been added to the end of the file, which may already find some use. The wire cutter is in the "inner curve" of the pliers, so it feels like you can't transfer power to the cut, and the usability is worse compared to the cutters on the tip side. The jaws of the cutter are so-called fixed and therefore not replaceable. Another questionable thing is the plastic storage compartments for the screw bits at one end of the tool. They are rolled out, and no great force is needed for this, so it is questionable how the tips will be preserved or how those storage compartments will last if and when the tool falls on the ground/concrete. To clarify, the tip parts do not stay in place only because of a tight fit, but the magnets help with this (in the storage compartments and on the chisel arm itself). Summarized: high-quality and excellent value for money, and the number one choice if you always need a tool for nuts/bolts/similar items and a good screwdriver
Anonymous verified buyer, 22.7.2022
Overall rating
Multitool has incredible engineering. Quality for its price is sufficient. Amazing pliers, knife, file with chisel and centred screwdriver. I think that Surge is little bit better and more stiff, but best Gerber ever.
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