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Orca Apex Flex Triathlon Wetsuit Womens

Orca Apex Flex Triathlon Wetsuit Womens

Orca Apex Flex Triathlon Wetsuit Womens
Orca Apex Flex Triathlon Wetsuit Womens
Orca Apex Flex Triathlon Wetsuit Womens
Orca Apex Flex Triathlon Wetsuit Womens

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Orca Apex Flex Triathlon Wetsuit Womens Blue Flex
Blue Flex

XS (144-160 cm / 46-53 kg)
S (157-167 cm / 54-61 kg)
M (165-177 cm / 60-67 kg)
L (170-185 cm / 66-74 kg)

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Product description

The Apex Flex triathlon wetsuit is the most flexible wetsuit in the entire Orca range. It is designed for the most technical swimmers, those who benefit from more flexibility and do not need extra buoyancy. The construction of the short, inverted zipper allows for a more elastic design. This, in combination with the most flexible materials on the market with the most hydrodynamic properties, make it the fastest wetsuit for the best open water swimmers. 

Swimming with total freedom of movement can allow you to take full advantage of your abilities and give 100% in the triathlon. That's why Apex Flex provides the highest level of elasticity, thanks to the combination of Yamamoto 44+ and 0.88 Free technology. During your next competition, you can perform your stroke naturally, without any restrictions.

The low buoyancy of the Apex Flex wetsuit will allow you to maintain your natural body position, especially if you are an experienced swimmer with a refined technique.

With the Apex Flex, you can move through the water almost as if you were not wearing a wetsuit, which allows you to take full advantage of your skill in the swimming segment. The combination of highly hydrophobic materials and a shorter zipper will allow you to shave a few seconds off transitions in your next triathlon competition.

  • Elastic fabric
  • Maximum freedom
  • Low and neutral buoyancy
  • Zero interference
  • Quick transition

Care instructions
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The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 350 x 100 mm.


1 kg
(with sales package 1,1 kg)

12 month(s)

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