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Lupine Bluetooth remote control V2

Lupine Bluetooth remote control V2

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Bluetooth remote control comes with Piko R. Lupine is the first company worldwide to have equipped lamps with a Bluetooth4.0 chip. You now control up to five lamps simultaneously with lighting speed via remote control in your hand or directly from the handlebar - without delay, without cable and without safety risk. 
All lights with an “R” in the name are coming with the new Bluetooth technology and a Bluetooth remote control. There is still a version of each light available without Bluetooth. 
Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade the old remote lights to the new Bluetooth standard. Also, you cannot turn a NO Bluetooth light into a Bluetooth light by simply buying the remote switch. 
Suitable for new models: up from 15W Piko 1500 Lumens (with Bluetooth), 28W Wilma 3200 Lumens ( with and without Bluetooth), 45W Betty R 5000 Lumens (with Bluetooth) 

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 70 x 70 x 50 mm.

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