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Led Lenser Powerbank Flex 3

Led Lenser Powerbank Flex 3

Led Lenser Powerbank Flex 3
Led Lenser Powerbank Flex 3
Led Lenser Powerbank Flex 3
Led Lenser Powerbank Flex 3

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One Powerbank, six functions. Flexible, sustainable, powerful – this is what distinguishes Powerbanks belonging to the Flex series. Offering six functions in a robust and water-resistant housing it provides: powerbank, battery charger with charge level indicator, secure battery storage, display for capacity check, double protection against short circuits, fast battery replacement. The Powerbank Flex3 provides space for a battery type 18650 (included) and has a capacity of 3400 mAh.

  • 6-in-1 powerbank for charging mobile devices, also suitable for small devices with very low charging currents
  • Green concept: less electronic waste as used batteries can be replaced
  • Suitable for outdoor activities due to water and dust protection IP65 / special USB ports
  • Charger with up to 30% shorter charging time (compared to charging in e.g. a Ledlenser P6R Core)
  • Included batteries can be used directly in the suitable products, thus no loss of capacity or time
  • Battery loading time: 240min

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 143 x 84 x 33 mm.

0.166 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

60 month(s)

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Sami S. 10.9.2022
Overall rating
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Light, handy, durable. With this you can safely transport and charge one 18650 battery and in an emergency you can also charge your phone. It's not worth waiting for a full charge on the phone, it freezes pretty quickly.
Mikko P. 16.8.2022
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I bought this mainly to use as a power bank, because 18650 batteries are often taken with me on trips for a headlamp anyway, and I needed one more cell. I have not intended to use the device as a charger. At least now I don't see such a need. About 2000 mAh was transferred from the included battery to the mobile phone, i.e. the amount corresponding to maybe one day of economical use.
Anonymous 8.8.2022
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It charges quickly, it's light, the case is sturdy and the battery inside can be used, for example, in a flashlight. Versatile!
Alexander S. 3.8.2022
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Very convenient and good additional battery for camping and fishing.
Anonymous 14.7.2022
Overall rating
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Seems like a good product.
Anonymous 23.5.2022
Overall rating
compact size with great size to weight ratio
Anonymous 14.12.2021
Overall rating
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Convenient size and functional. I bought the phone as a backup power source, and as a spare battery for the flashlight as well.
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