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Enluva Termico Socks Set

Enluva Termico Socks Set

Enluva Termico Socks Set
Enluva Termico Socks Set
Enluva Termico Socks Set

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In addition to hands and fingers, feet and toes are the parts of the body that are furthest away from the center of the body and are therefore most affected by cold. Every cold water diver knows the effect when fingers and toes are as good as numb at the end of a dive or the cold pain turns every minute of decompression into agony ... Good protection against the cold is therefore extremely important for a pleasant and safe experience underwater.

In order to get the most out of the insulation effect, Enluva has developed a two-part set consisting of a base layer and socks that are precisely matched to one another in terms of material mix, workmanship and fit. This achieves a wrinkle-free fit and a very comfortable fit with perfect insulation at the same time, without building up too thick in the suit.

Just like Enluvas gloves, the socks are seamlessly knitted in the highest quality (knitted heel, toe and cuffs). Used in combination, this system ensures warm feet even during long technical dives in cold water - without a battery or power connection.

Base Layer:

As a base layer, the Termico 1 is the basis for warm feet. Since it is worn directly on the skin, its terry cloth structure on the inside ensures airy yet very warm insulation - without the risk of sweaty feet. The sock consists of a material mix of 64% wool, 35% polyamide and 1% elastane. This makes the sock very flexible and easy to wash.

Since the Termico 1 also fits in normal shoes without any problems, it can be put on at home and carried on the trip to the dive site. In terms of design, it is roughly comparable to a very high-quality trekking sock of the highest "heat level".

The color is our uniform dark gray melange, the height is chosen so that it reaches safely over the ankle. The Termico 1 should always be worn under the undersuit, directly on the skin.

Overlay Socks:

The Termico 2 is outer layer and its shape is precisely designed to be worn over the Termico 1 base layer. In contrast to the airy and highly flexible terry structure of the base layer, the Termico 2 is much thicker and, above all, denser. Nevertheless, its seamless knitting process (knitted heel, toe and cuffs) ensures very good flexibility and a perfect, wrinkle-free fit.

After the knitting, the sock is also milled in a special process. This compacts the material and forms a very solid and thick structure, such as is known from loden jackets, for example. It consists of 94% pure new wool, 5% polyamide and 1% elastane.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 400 x 250 x 100 mm.


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Thomas S. verified buyer, 20.2.2023
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This set of socks fits well on top of each other and keeps your feet warm, an hour of 7°C water temperature is no problem. Better than ski and hiking socks due to the high proportion of wool. Two pairs on top of each other still have a warming layer of air in between, I would buy again.
Eldad C. verified buyer, 2.1.2022
Overall rating
Extremely warm
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