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Wild Country Electron Sport Quickdraw 12 cm

Wild Country Electron Sport Quickdraw 12 cm

Wild Country Electron Sport Quickdraw 12 cm
Wild Country Electron Sport Quickdraw 12 cm



Wild Country Electron Sport Quickdraw 12 cm Orange / Black
Orange / Black
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Colour: Orange / Black

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Product description

If you had to choose just one draw for your rack, we would recommend great-value Electron Sport. Why? Because it’s strong, durable and easy to clip, strip and grab. The Electron Sport Draw will go with you on any climb and deliver on everything from roadside sport crags to working projects or long, multi-pitch alpine routes. 

The asymmetrically shaped Electron carabiners have a distinctive, ergonomic shape and a wide gate for easier clipping, while their keylock nose promotes snag-free clipping. To make them lighter without compromising strength, Wild Country uses a hot-forged construction with an I beam back. And the contrasting, classic Wild Country tangerine and grey colours help you to always identify the right ends for rope and protection. The solid, robust straight gate design gives improved handling and a controlled clipping action, while the concave design of the bent gate at the rope end helps guide the rope into the carabiner. And the ergonomic, tapered shape of the thick, durable nylon webbing sling makes it easier to grab and haul when working routes.
  • Ergonomic design for superb handling and smooth action
  • Hot forged I beam construction
  • Keyloock nose prevents snagging
  • Wide opening for easy clipping
  • Modified vari-width nylon webbing now easier to grab 
  • "Vice" sling protector ensures rope and biner is correctly oriented

Weight: 108g
Sling strenght: 22kN

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 300 x 100 x 30 mm.

0.108 kg (with sales package 0.15 kg)

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