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Wild Country Xenon HMS Belay

Wild Country Xenon HMS Belay

Wild Country Xenon HMS Belay

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Wild Country Xenon HMS Belay Grey / Yellow
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Xenon HMS Belay is a compact and reliable pear-shaped screwgate HMS carabiner, with an internal belay wire for belay duty. The carabiner is made of lightweight aluminium alloy. It has a pear-shaped design with an I-beam profile to offer an improved strength-to-weight ratio. Designed to offer a large gate opening with high open gate strength and a generous rope bearing radius, the Xenon can comfortably accommodate two clove hitches. The clean nose design helps prevent knots or gear from snagging. The Xenon Carabiner is a durable, reliable partner with easy handling for all styles of climbing.

As cross-loaded carabiners have significantly less breaking strength than when loaded lengthwise, Wild Country offers the Xenon HMS in a “belay” version with an internal positioning wire for additional protection to ensure that the carabiner always has correct orientation for maximum breaking strength when belaying.

All Wild Country carabiners undergo rigorous testing and conform to standards EN 12275 and UIAA121 for climbing and mountaineering equipment to ensure high breaking strength, and can be used in all situations.
  • Compact pear shape optimised for great handling
  • Spacious capacity to manage two clove hitches
  • Smooth rope running thanks to generous inner surface areas
  • Internal spring belay wire maintains correct orientation while belaying to prevent cross loading
  • Snag-free, clean nose design for easy removal
  • Tapers towards nose for easy removal of stuck knots
  • Weight & strength optimised, I-beam back
  • Smooth-running, high-quality screwgate
  • Large gate opening
  • High strength rating
  • Closure indicator

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 100 x 80 x 30 mm.

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Anonymous verified buyer, 16.10.2023
Overall rating
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The quality seems to be ok, but I don't understand the function/orientation of the wire gate. It must be opened separately so that the Belay loop can be threaded under it. If you forget to do it, the wire gate can be damaged when the climber falls. I think a better solution is DMM Ceros.
Achalinda D. verified buyer, 23.11.2022
Overall rating
Works well with an ATC. Nice curve for the rope to go through.
Johannes T. verified buyer, 16.9.2022
Overall rating
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Does its job. Grigri, etc. stays in the right position, making it easier to secure, especially in the lead.
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