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Ursuit Cordura FZ - Customised

Ursuit Cordura FZ - Customised

Ursuit Cordura FZ - Customised

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Ursuit Cordura FZ - Customised Black
Ursuit Cordura FZ - Customised Orange

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Mittatilaus +500,00 €

Neoprene boot
Tech Dry boot
Compressed neoprene sock

Shoe size

Attached, neoprene 5 mm
Separate, neoprene 5 mm

Hood size
S (54-56 cm)
M (56-58 cm)
L (58-60 cm)
XL (60-62 cm)
XXL (62-64 cm)

Neck seal
Latex, bottleneck
Latex, cone
Neoprene, high
Neoprene, low
Silicone/ small (also select Neck Ring)
Silicone/ standard (also select Neck Ring)

Neck Ring
No neck ring
SiTech Quick Neck (inc. silicone seal) +40,00 €

Wrist seal
Latex, bottleneck
Latex, cone HD
Latex, cone long
Latex, cone short
Neoprene 2,5 mm
Silicone / Small (also select Neck Ring)
Silicone / standard (also select Neck Ring)

Wrist Ring
No cuff ring
SiTech Cuff Ring +50,00 €
SiTech QSC Oval +55,00 €
BTS/ Nordic Blue +55,00 €
SiTech Antares setti (inc. silicone seals) +160,00 €

YKK Aquaseal (PU)

Outlet valve
Apeks, high profile
Apeks, low profile
SiTech Argo
SiTech Thetis (military)
Sitech Ursuit design

Inlet Valve
Apeks CEJN
Apeks INT
SiTech CEJN Skeleton (military)
SiTech INT

Pee Valve
No pee valve
Pee Zipper, Aquaseal +105,00 €
Pee Zipper, metal +150,00 €
SiTech Trigon Pee Valve, left tigh +90,00 €
SiTech Trigon Pee Valve, right tigh +90,00 €
Ursuit Pee Valve, left tigh (made by AGIR) +190,00 €
Ursuit Pee Valve, right tigh (made by AGIR) +190,00 €

Neck / Seal size Lisätietoa (required)

Wrist / Seal size Lisätietoa

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Product description
Ursuit Cordura FZ is the ruffneck of drysuits.

The suit is developed for demanding wreck and technical diving operations, which cannot be compromised by suit breakage. Cordura coated three-layer fabric provides the best possible abrasion and tear resistance, as well as high class durability.

One of Cordura's essential guidelines is the Heavy Light –philosophy, which incorporates heavy performance underwater with lightness and ease above water. In addition of durability and modifiable features, this is one of the most common reasons why so many defence forces around the world have chosen Cordura.

Front zipper allows the user to don the suit without assistance. The cover flap on the dry zipper protects the zipper from sand and dirt, as well as prevents the jacket from rubbing against the zipper teeth. The suit has integrated suspenders, which together with the crotch strap enable a telescopic waist structure. These features make the suit feel like a regular garment, and adapt to user's movements smoothly. The revised cut of the sleeves and shoulders enable excellent mobility.

The crotch seam is renewed to prevent wear-and-tear and to provide even better abrasion resistance.

The Flat Seam –structure enables a durable and flexible seam, which removes uneven layers within the seam. The seam is finished with a taping on both sides. The Cordura FZ has additional polyurethane Ursuit Shield -reinforcements on the crotch, bottom, elbows and knees.

Roomy and easy accessible Tech-pockets, with integrated D-ring and bungee loops. A small pocket on the flap with zipper closure.

If you cannot find a suit that suits you in the size chart, you can order a suit tailored to your own measurements.

If you want to order a suit tailored to your own measurements, please note the following:

All measurements should be taken as close to the body as possible, without undersuit, as accurately as possible. The smaller the measurement, such as wrist or ankle, the more accurate the measurement should be. If you want the manufacturer to take into account something special, such as growth margin or significant differences between limbs, the differences must be reported separately.

At the bottom of the page you will find the mtm-form where you can fill in the measurements. Fill in the form accurately and send it to us at Mention the order confirmation number you received in the order confirmation.

In order to avoid errors our recommendation is that the measurements should be taken in our shop by our professional staff. is not responsible for measurement errors if the measurements are self-reported.

Note! Customised suits cannot be exchanged or returned.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 600 x 400 x 300 mm.

Men, unisex

5 kg(The product may have a light retail packaging.)

12 month(s)

Country of origin

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